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  1. 6th August, 2015 First Republican Debate: The Scores Cleveland, OH - After controversy surrounding the whittling of the 18 strong field into just 10 debaters, 270Soft News brings you the scores from the 1st Republican Debate in Ohio. MARCO RUBIO - A TED CRUZ - A- JEB BUSH - B CHRIS CHRISTIE - B RICK PERRY - B- RAND PAUL - C SCOTT WALKER - C DONALD TRUMP - C MIKE HUCKABEE - C- BEN CARSON - D
  2. 23rd July, 2015 Snowe Endorsed by Senator Murkowski NASHA, NH - Presidential hopeful, Olympia Snowe unveiled her first major endorsement today at a townhall event in New Hampshire. Snowe, currently polling at just 1.2% nationwide, was joined in Nansha by the Alaskan Senator, a former moderate ally in the Senate. Murkowski hailed Snowe as "the only candidate who can standup to the Washington gridlock" and the "best placed candidate to beat Hillary Clinton next November." Snowe is reportedly chasing the endorsements of other GOP moderates in the Senate, including Illinois Se
  3. 9th July, 2015 Snowe Announces Run For President PORTLAND, ME - Former Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe, has today announced that she is entering the campaign for the Republican Nomination. Speculation had been rife over the past week following a visit to New Hampshire and a number of interviews on local television in which she described the current Republican field of "divisive" and "not right for the country or the party". Snowe, who has previously announced support for increased gun control, same sex marriage and abortion, enters the race with a near non-existent poll rank
  4. 1st July, 2015 Snowe To Join Race? MANCHESTER, NH - Speculation is rife that former Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe will run for President after visiting New Hampshire today. The Republican field, already at 15 candidates, with Ohio Governor John Kasich and former Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore also tipped to run, notably only contains one female candidate - former Hewlett Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina, who is currently polling below the margin of error at 2.5%. Snowe, a moderate who quit the Senate in 2012 citing excessive partisanship and a dispiriting political environment,
  5. She has about as much chance of accepting a place on the ticket as my dog does. It's just not going to happen.
  6. She's also a member of #NeverTrump, so she'd never join the ticket. What Trump needs to do is sure up conservative support, and (as even he admits) have someone familiar with passing legislation, from that someone like John Cornyn might be a good shout - he was considered by Romney. Alternatively, Paul LePage, Mary Fallin or Mike Huckabee might be good calls from a Trump perspective.
  7. Is it possible that you'll add more candidates for the Greens and other third parties? (Love the scenario btw!)
  8. Name - William Tench Title - Governor Party(can be independent/third party) - Republican Stance on Issues - Abortion - Center-Right Government Spending - Right Education - Center Energy - Center Environment - Center-Left Gun Control - Center Health Care - Center-Right Immigration - Center-Left Defense Spending - Center-Right Iran - Center-Right Military Intervention - Center-Right Role of Government - Center-Right Free Trade - Center-Right Tax Rates - Center-Right Same-Sex Marriage - Left Social Security - Center-Right Unions - Right War on Terro
  9. Virginia(49 del) - Trump, Rubio, Kasich Texas(155 del) - Cruz, Trump, Rubio Georgia(76 del) - Trump, Rubio, Cruz Massachusetts(42 del) - Trump, Kasich, Rubio Oklahoma(43 del) - Cruz, Trump, Rubio Alabama(50 del)- Trump, Cruz, RubIo Tennessee(58 del)- Trump, Rubio, Cruz Arkansas(40 del)- Trump, Cruz, Rubio Vermont(16 del)- Trump, Kaisch, Rubio Minnesota(38 del)- Trump, Rubio, Cruz Alaska(28 del)- Trump, Rubio, Cruz
  10. Mainstage Debate Christie - 9 Bush - 8 Rubio - 8 Trump - 6 Cruz - 5 Fiorina - 4 Paul - 4 Kasich - 4 Carson - 3 Undercard Debate Graham - 10 Pataki - 7 Santorum - 6 Huckabee - 6
  11. Is it possible for undercard debates to be added?
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