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  1. Would anyone want to participate in a roleplay? I know I couldn't DM it
  2. Thank you everyone for the welcome back, I'm glad to see all of you again, I appreciate the sympathy from you guys as well
  3. Sean F. Kennedy


    So as everyone knows 2020 has been an insanely chaotic year, through the pandemic I lost my uncle in April and needed time away from everything, I'm in a much better place now and am happy to be back.
  4. Economic: Robert Kennedy Social: Bernie Sanders Foreign Policy: Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul Misc: John Kasich
  5. Sanders and Biden are the only two candidates I see beating Trump at this point.
  6. I have returned. I am willing to continue this.
  7. Biden 31% Sanders 26% Steyer 14% Warren 10% Buttigieg 9% Klobuchar 4% Gabbard 3% Bloomberg 3%
  8. Warren is shown her true colors. I expect her to lose support from this
  9. The fact that I come across multiple friends of mine who voted for Trump in 2016 that have told me that they would gladly vote for Bernie Sanders says a lot. One of them is the stereotypical "country boy" and has been Republican his whole life. And this is coming from Ohio, a state many Democrats think is "too far gone".
  10. Supporters of stop and frisk, and Democratic billionaires.
  11. For Warren and Buttigieg I feel like if neither of them either win one of these primaries (or have a strong 2nd or 3rd place in Iowa for Buttigieg) I feel like it's an even more uphill battle for momentum. Also if they get 15% or more it depends on how many delegates they pick up. I overall mostly agree with you, other than thinking that New Hampshire might be a little bit more favorable to Sanders and Iowa to Biden.
  12. 1. Sanders 2. Buttigieg 3. Biden 4. Klobuchar 5. Warren My reasoning is many Yang and Gabbard supporters end up edging it out for Sanders. Just a theory.
  13. Ahh I forgot to edit it correctly. Trudeau won his seat.
  14. Yes I can post the final results soon enough. It is now up to @Hestia11 on whether he will choose to form a minority government or to consider a coalition.
  15. I was typing faster than I was thinking, only Scheer is getting pressure
  16. @Reagan04 @Edouard @guythatsacentrist @Hestia11 @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten thank you for being a part of this roleplay I'm sorry at times it went a little off the rails with absences. Hopefully one of you can DM the next one we do that way I can play as a candidate. and I'm sorry if some of the results seem a little off I'm nowhere near as familiar with Canadian politics but I did my best.
  17. Liberal and Conservative MPs blame strong showings of PPC, NDP and Bloc Quebecois as reasons for losses. Call on Leadership Elections for Scheer.
  18. Canadian Election Results! Liberals 26.3% 111 seats Conservatives 24.1% 95 seats NDP 17.7% 50 seats Bloc Quebecois 11.3% 67 seats People's Party 10.1% 10 seats Greens 8.6% 4 seats Others 1.7% 1 seat
  19. Being the first US President to step foot in North Korea, his piss poor reaction to what happened in Charlottesville, Russiagate, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh are a few that come to mind.
  20. Exit Polls Predict a hung Parliament! Liberals 25.9% 105 seats Conservatives 24.5% 100 seats NDP 17.9% 51 seats Bloc Quebecois 11.2% 66 seats People's Party 9.9% 9 seats Greens 8.9% 5 seats Others 1.7% 1 seat @Hestia11 @guythatsacentrist @Edouard @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten @Reagan04
  21. Results will be in either later tonight or tomorrow hope everyone is having a good Christmas. @Reagan04 @Edouard @guythatsacentrist @WVProgressive @Hestia11 @TheLiberalKitten
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