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  1. Your version pretty much blew mine out of the water! Incredible.
  2. Thanks! I'm considering making another Virginia map with even more lumped counties and keeping some larger cities that are easy to draw.
  3. I made a substantial edit to this scenario, as I created more regions (i.e. lumping counties/cities together) and then adjusting the percentages (through rough calculations and using Dave's Redistricting App for electoral data). I plan to focus on polishing stuff and adding more playable candidates, but I'm just posting this update here that way it isn't accidentally deleted Virginia-2017-Governor.zip
  4. Go ahead! I've been a bit behind on updating my scenario tbh because of school/job search reasons...
  5. I am absolutely fine with you doing that! You have my full permission.
  6. Since 270soft's campaign site seems to be down (at least for me), I decided to upload my updated version of this here. It's Virginia's 2017 Governor race, with the map being the Congressional district boundaries (since there are waaaay too many counties/independent cities for me to deal with in a sitting). It's still in the early stages so there will be obviously some things that need to be improved, but I think the major features are solidly dealt with (i.e. candidates, issues, events, endorsers). Feedback is appreciated. Virginia-2017-Governor.zip
  7. That makes sense. Just making sure it wasn't just me that was having server/access issues, that's all.
  8. Up until a few hours ago, I was able to access the http://www.campaigns.270soft.com/ site as usual, but now I am getting a blank page that says "Access Denied" on the top left corner when I click on the link. Is that website currently down or is there some other reason?
  9. So, I made a hypothetical election scenario where Donald Trump is president of the United States and running for reelection in 2020. Link to the scenario.
  10. Here's one I thought of, loosely based off my views. Title: Governor Name: Bryan Ulrich Age: 43 Party: Republican Political Influence Points: 10 State: Virginia County: Fairfax Avatar: http://www.chopperzedge.com/hair-style-gallery/image-23-img?format=jpg Starting Funds: 15,000,000 Description: Governor Ulrich has become one of the most popular governors ever in Virginia, as his state is experiencing an economic boom. However, as a self-proclaimed "liberal" republican, his moderate views have lead to disputes with more conservative Republicans both on the state and the national level. Can he nonetheless tap into his successes as Governor and win the primaries, or will he been seen as too moderate by the base? How Well Known: 4 Established: 5 Leadership:4 Integrity: 3 Experience: 3 Issues: 3 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 4 Debating: 4 Basic political views: (each stance will be listed below) Abortion: center-left Government spending: center-right Education: center Energy: center Environment: center-left Gun Control: right Healthcare: center Immigration: center-right Defense spending: right Iran: center Military intervention: center-right Role of Government: center-right Free trade: right tax rates: center-right Same-sex marriage: left social security: center-right unions: center war on terror: center corruption: center-right
  11. So yeah, this is my first post here. I'm currently making a Maine 2014 Gubernatorial Scenario, and I should have it finished within the next few days (my 270soft username is EdgarAllenYOLO)
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