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  1. Looking good so far! Hopefully those laws you enacted will start to pay dividends and that approval will rise for you.
  2. Chapter One: The Beginning “I’m just a small town boy.” Those are the first words Tyler Jones uses to describe himself. “I never had any master plan or grand ambitions. I’ve always just been focused on trying to make the world a better place for our friends and families.” Growing up in Ashland, Alabama, Tyler is indeed a small town boy. The rural Clay County city has a population of slightly over 2000 and is known mostly for its rich tradition of high school football. That’s not to say Ashland hasn’t made an impact on politics however. It’s the hometown of former Alabama governor Bob
  3. That’s because a lot of them don’t have a ton of official duties lol. I’d probably role play some behind the scenes party meetings or strategy sessions with my team or something. Seeing as how I’m a first term councilman from a town of 2000 I’ve got quite a ways before that would even be an issue.
  4. Bummer about the bug. I’m planning to start a thread for my game tonight. I’m still trying to work out how to handle situations where it would make sense to run for an office not represented in the game such as Lieutenant Governor or Attorney General. My initial thought would be to commission a poll in a governor or senate race to check name recognition and approval statewide and then withdraw immediately to avoid artificially building up a warchest and run for re-election in my current office and just “role-play” a term as Lt. Gov. while clicking through the game in my current office in order
  5. I ended up starting a new campaign and won a tough primary and coasted through the general to get a seat on the city council. We’ll see what happens next. I’ve started writing out a story similar to this but don’t know how to do all the fancy screenshots and stuff lol.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I’m planning to finish up that state rep campaign tonight. I’m starting the primary but thanks to the $30,000 warchest I had I have a huge name rec and funding advantage in the primary and it’s a safe district for the general so I’m thinking I should be able to win pretty easily. I’m really looking forward to your next update as well!
  7. I literally started at like 9 last night lol. I’m just trying to learn the basics but my goal is to eventually become President I suppose. I want to write out a story similar to the way you’re doing but want to get a grasp of the game first.
  8. I agree there are ways to game the system. I ran a school board election in a very safe district and after squeaking through the primary was able to just spend the general fundraising. The next cycle the incumbent state rep retired and I entered with a large war chest and was able to instantly become the front runner due to being able to advertise and generate name recognition quickly with the funds I had built up in my school board election.
  9. I just found this game last night and stayed up way too late playing it. Really enjoying your write ups as well!
  10. I’m back to work so won’t be able to play but I’ll still gladly follow along.
  11. I’m out and about for most of the evening so don’t wait on me. If it still hasn’t been decided when I get home tonight I’ll look at the sheet and pick someone.
  12. I nomincate JM Wayne for Deep South, J Eaton for Upper South, and Jennings for Midwest. I nominate Harrison for Party Leader.
  13. 1. I nominate John Sergeant 2. No nominee 3. New England: John Q. Adams; Mid-Atlantic: Smith Thompson; Upper South: Willie P. Mangum; Deep South: John Forsyth; Midwest: William Henry Harrison; Great Plains: John Miller
  14. I've been quietly following along with you guys! Looks like a ton of fun and great job coming up with all this vcczar.
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