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  1. Excessive endorsers gives crazy momentum, leading me to a Labour Victory with approx. 450 seats. Also for some reason you have Labour's incumbent seats as 6?
  2. So I managed to get 129 seats as Nick Clegg, amazing result. Negotiated a coalition with Labour and instead they went in to govt. with a confidence and supply with the Tories?!!
  3. There's a really good fan made campaign on this website with adjusted polling for 2017 which plays out a lot more like the real thing
  4. amore555


    How on Earth do you people manage this and I can't even get the Greens a second seat!?
  5. Just wanted to say the northern irish one is possibly my favourite campaign of all. I really like the smaller scale ones, and your one has the flexibility for surprising, yet not totally unrealistic outcomes. I was able to achieve a Sinn Fein Minority Govt.
  6. I'm a bit of a veteran of the series, albeit not a very good one. I can do ok in the US game, and in the Northern Irish Mod. I struggle with the main UK campaign as there are just too many seats. Should I stick in one area for mutliple days just hitting up multiple seats? Or travel around trying to cover a wide area? How on earth do I go about setting up footsoldiers in sufficient number to cover such a vast number of seats? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  7. This is on President Infinity, I can't remember the version number however I only updated it last week. I did get to see the usual election state by state, however this comes up after the headlines, the spoiler was in the headlines.
  8. So i was playing a close game as Carson, pushing things right to the wire when election night comes up. For me the big draw is watching the state by state announcements at the end, but instead I got a huge spoiler as the news paper just says "Clinton takes US" Please please please resolve this, talk about an anti climactic end
  9. No nothing like editing the campaign, I just mean like sure fire ways to gain support?
  10. I've seen a few people say there are 'cheesing' strategies which can make you unstoppable. While I'm sure most long term players avoid this, it might be handy for me while I'm getting a grip of things. Can people share their most succesful cheeses?
  11. Thanks I'll keep chugging away. In the meantime how does one go about getting on to the Steering Council?
  12. Thanks Using the tips I was able to take Sanders to win Iowa and New Hampshire.... then nothing else (except Vermont) I even stored up a bunch of scandals on Clinton which I released before key primaries to no avail. Is Sanders just unelectable?
  13. Hi All, Had a look through the forums and couldnt find what i was after. I have the basics down in playing the game yet try as I might I can only ever succeed when playing as front runners (Clinton / Trump) In my best campaign yet as Sanders I only managed around 1200 in the primaries, could anyone point me in the direction of a good guide or share some helpful tips? Many thanks
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