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  1. If Biden does jump in, he needs to do it soon, preferably today/tomorrow. That will cut in to Clinton's coverage about the debates, but leave room for coverage on the Benghazi hearings. I would rank the performances like this: O'Malley: 9 - Made some fantastic points IMO. I didn't agree with him on everything but he did a fine job. Clinton: 7 - I think she probably hurt her favorability among Independents/Republicans, but helped it among Democrats Sanders: 7 - Bombed on foreign policy (Putin specifically) but recovered. Should gain decently among minorities. Chaffee: 2 - I think the way he tr
  2. I tried to continue playing a custom scenario and got the error code 'NAN is not a valid floating point value'. When I tried to load the game again I got the error code "Access violation at address 00409472 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of Address A5A5147B." Does anyone know why this would happen?
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