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  1. http://imgur.com/a/JCEWx There you go. Looking forward to whatever you have in mind!
  2. Vega

    Canada 1921

    Definitely include immigration. East Asian immigrants coming over was still a big issue. Looking forward to it, though!
  3. Yeah, I think for decent/fluid game-play, it's best not to extend past PMI: Canada's number of parties. Or, have PMI: UK's number of seats, but not number of parties. PMI: UK is a great game, but it's unavoidable for it to be on the slower side (I even have a pretty good processor) with the sheer number of candidates and parties needed for the realism PMI/F games are known for.
  4. Alright, I want to add Greenland for the President Infinity game, but, all it has to be is a circle (like the other actual territories are on the map). Could someone please, please do this for me?
  5. We have another thread for PMI Canada, but I think updates are released on a "when they're done" basis (like with all 270soft products). The game was advertised as having scenarios dating back to 1997, so I imagine we will get all of them at some point, whenever that is. It seems like the hayday of scenario making has passed somewhat, especially compared to the large community of scenario makers that there was for President Forever 2008. There would be something fun about playing in the 40s trying to defeat a Mackenzie King Government.
  6. Justin Trudeau, but in my timeline, things go differently with his mother's marriage to Pierre Trudeau.
  7. I was playing around in a scenario with the same settings as the regular game, when I got this result (I was playing the NDP on Medium). The Conservatives got wiped out to third place, and the Liberals climbed to slightly over to 100 seats. Somehow the Greens won the only seat in the Yukon territory. http://i.imgur.com/gGeOMRU.png?1
  8. Hey, thanks for replying. If you want to take a stab at it, then go right ahead, that would be great. I know there are some really good map makers on this board (I've seen super intricate maps in other scenarios), and I hope I can draw them out to this thread too.
  9. I recently got Prime Minister Infinity: Canada 2015, and, am working on a scenario that would include Greenland as a territory. I, however, do not have much in the way of skills editing the map - but I'm sure others do. Could anyone do this for me, please? If you need the map or anything PM me/post a request.
  10. I was also wondering whether a week time progression in a campaign could be added, like PMI Canada?
  11. Let's not overload him. I would be content with just 2010 for PMI UK, though, of course, more would be great as well (the 2011 campaign for PMI CA was great, by the way!).
  12. I think it would be nice to have a 2010 scenario (if not more - which would be great!), since it could largely be coppied from PM Forever 2010.
  13. This would be a brilliant thing to play, surely. Hopefully you're still considering making it.
  14. They're at a pretty low price at this point, and seem neat, even if they're outdated, but I was wondering if they might be compatible with Windows 10/8?
  15. I wonder why he wants them to hush up? Weird, isn't it?
  16. Thought it might be useful to have one of these. It actually looks pretty good to me (I've only played one campaign so far, though). Really did a bang up job on this one, Anthony, and I can't help myself from saying that this or the UK 2015 game is your best yet. Kudos to you. I've noticed that the Canadian map doesn't lend it's self to being the most pretty to look at when it comes to something like this (compared to the UK and the US), but still, it looks fantastic. Looking forward to the updates, and, of course, the past campaigns. Cheers.
  17. I think that since Prime Minister Infinity Canada has been announced, you might want to start tilting your focus towards that for developing. You've made some really great scenarios, though!
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