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  1. Personally, I find it egregious and appalling that in the modern era individuals would not serve people due to race, sexual orientation or otherwise using their religion as a scapegoat. However, I do believe that the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution protects these individuals no matter the basis in which they refuse service on. While I find it disturbing that people would deny service to others based on sexual orientation or whatnot, simply put, it's should not be the perogative for any individual to impose my beliefs on business owners. This includes the government.

    Furthermore, and do excuse me if I am getting a bit off course, on the topic of these laws, I find it more effective to allow these businesses to discriminate. In our modern day of social media and networking, news spreads fast and news of appalling acts against minorities spreads faster then most global issues. We do frequently hear cases in which bakeries and shops refuse to service individuals, however, we never hear about the shops continuing to refuse service afterwards due to the simple fact that these shops have shut down. Economically, there is the huge disinscentive to discriminate as well as politically. Discrimination laws may have been appropriate in the former periods of time where it was widely accepted to violate rights of minorities, however in these times there are no reasos for these laws to exist as the invisible hand of public opinion will inevitably end businesses which discriminate.

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