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  1. True but for specific states, targeting etc, you need to open up the menu.
  2. Hi, I don't know anything about the mechanics of the game, but how hard would it be to add a mode in which removes all momentum from being seen? So momentum would still be a factor, only we wouldn't be able to see the actual numbers for any candidate, including ourselves. Thank you!
  3. No talk of Gavin Newsom? There's talk that he might leave the Governorship after two years if they're a successful two years.
  4. When I start a modded scenario I get this: Access violation at address 004C4DB0 in module PMI_Canada.exe Read of address 00000018.
  5. Purpose of the government, in my mind, is to defend the core liberties that all people are offered. Another purpose is to uphold these liberties in public practice, whether it be through the judiciary or through the military in physical defense. I think the clause allows for the Congress to enforce the Constitutional privileges stated beforehand in purpose of a functioning government. I would make no amendment to the Constitution, but if forced I would probably support some amendment moving towards electoral reform, maybe in relation to independent district drawing or a change from F
  6. That's a great, well rounded list of qualities. I look forward to a list of states. Reminds me of a more comprehensive Heritage Foundation list, the one they do with economic freedom and countries.
  7. On a sidenote, sorry for hijacking your thread, but I've been coincidentally looking at this game for some time now. Is it worth the staggeringly high 50 dollars, and have they fixed the notorious bugs and glitches with GPS 3? Additionally, how is lag? When I played it and watched videos of the game, during periods of war the game lagged extraordinarily badly.
  8. Proportional Representation in General Elections
  9. First, some context. After a grueling campaign, Donald Trump "won" the nomination for the RNC after all other candidates withdrew, however in pledged certain delegates, the convention was brokered between: Trump, Kasich, Bush, Walker, Carson, Paul and Cruz. Even though Trump was the only candidate at the convention, the other candidate's delegates eventually all went to John Kasich, making him the nominee. I have no problem with this whatsoever, in fact I quite like it. However, when Kasich was nominated he had already dropped out and on election day the Republican party didn't win a sing
  10. I've asked for this many, many times and the response is that it IS on the to-do list, however there is no specific ETA or date for its implementation.
  11. I just recreated this bug by opening a 2nd window (google chrome) and moving it to the far right while playing the game on the left half of my screen. When pressing down spacebar to pass turns, my cursor would sometimes move to google chrome and be ontop of the window while the turn was still processing. Once that happened, Google Chrome would jump ahead and be infront of the game, while the game was usually infront of google chrome in order of layers since it was the active tab. So Chrome would now be ahead during this processed turn and then the game froze with the news/spin screen out of si
  12. I greatly appreciate your timely and quick response, thank you.
  13. Certainly, this is Windows 10, game version number 2.3.2 When I press spacebar it does not continue. I also notice that on task manager the process itself is completely frozen. Looking back at past comments, I see that somebody also posted something similar: Here is an issue I have had for a while that may be related to another issue I am having right now with the sneak peek: Sometimes I accidentally right click after advancing to the next turn and the window jumps off the screen and the only way to get it back is to hook up a second monitor and drag it back onto my lapto
  14. Occasionally the game has a turn where at the end the spin screen/newspaper jumps across the screen and out of view breaking the game and freezing it as there is no way to move the cursor to fetch it. The only way to continue is to close the game and start a new one. This has ruined many, many games so far and I was wondering if there was a fix for this.
  15. Yes! Please, I've been asking for this for many versions now. This would create a far more sandbox like game with even more scenarios possible.
  16. I would picture it higher then 80%. During the 2012 campaign, Silver consistently had President Obama well over 90% and I would suggest that Clinton v Trump is a much, much more lopsided campaign then Obama v Romney.
  17. So I was watching some DNC convention speeches and I was wondering what you guys think are some of the greatest speeches in politics? Immediately I'm reminded of Cuomo's 1984 Convention speech and President Obama's 2004 DNC speech and maybe the Gettysburg Address, if you want to call that a full speech. In foreign politics, I've listened again to Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech and am reminded of what a tremendous orator he was. I'm obviously neglecting a huge amount of fantastic oratory pieces but those four are what come off immediately. What do you think?
  18. That's highly likely seeing as how the closest example would be the SNPs vote skyrocketing after the Scottish referendum. That being said, I don't know if Labour can unify but I have confidence that the Conservatives can unify. If the Conservatives unify behind Boris Johnson, then one could see UKIP's vote failing to pass expectations given that Boris Johnson led the charge on the Leave campaign.
  19. The British people have sacrificed short-medium term economic prosperity for long-term political sovereignty, or what some might call the illusion of sovereignty. And to top it off, the dominant Conservative party is seeing their leader resign which makes the only feasible candidates Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Theresa May, three candidates which scare a whole hell of a lot of people when placed in charge of the nuclear codes. With now backbench dissent against their own leader, the Labour party's also in tatters and Scotland faces another sovereignty battle. Then again, I don't thin
  20. Rand Paul Strategy - 2016 Primary to Presidency. Iowa: 19.1% (1st) - Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers. New Hampshire: 12.5% (1st) - Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers. South Carolina: 9.4% (3rd, loss by 0.4%, Rubio win) - Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers. Nevada: 11.6% (3rd, loss by 1.9%, Rubio win) - Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers. (Results from Texas to Tennessee were abysmal, thinking that the split momentum between multiple candidates would have no actual effect on propelling any single candidate.) Texas: 1.2% (Last, Walker win) Colo
  21. Playing as Chris Christie in a race between Jeb Bush, Cruz, Rubio only. In democratic primaries Clinton Sanders and Biden enabled only. Whenever October 28th 2015 passes, a message comes up with: TGameEngine:: ProcessEndOfRoundServer () Code=49 Access violatin at address 0048487E in module PI.exe. Read of address 000001D4. The game freezes and then crashes.
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