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  1. When can we expect region editing @admin_270 and charts
  2. Leadership 3 Experience 0 Issue Familiarity (and Primaries) 3 Integrity 4 Charisma 6 Stamina 9 Debating (and Primaries) 2 Kanye doesn't have that much integrity. His Charisma has diminished over the years.
  3. I think the whole incumbency features should be a priority, (settings for different performances of the incumbent party automatically effecting some things of the election)
  4. See you on the other side, Captain
  5. Notice, 110 trump tilts vs only 37 Biden tilts, so I definitely think Biden can still have a massive landslide.
  6. This is actually my exact prediction map rn, Bravo! @vcczar
  7. Teddy Roosevelt would honestly carry the Republicans to a 8-3 victory in a game.
  8. I love EU4 the most, CK III I am still trying to wrap my head around, and I enjoy Hoi4. I am most excited for Lawgivers 2 (Gov sim game) coming out in dec.
  9. Very realistic possibility I would flip WI and PA for closeness though.
  10. Wait Patine got banned! This has gone to far. What happened?
  11. I did this in 2016 and said Trump will win-I was right. I am telling you Trump will lose 100%. and just like I did before to some in 2016, I will tag you in a "I told you so" post by the end of it
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