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  1. I love EU4 the most, CK III I am still trying to wrap my head around, and I enjoy Hoi4. I am most excited for Lawgivers 2 (Gov sim game) coming out in dec.
  2. Very realistic possibility I would flip WI and PA for closeness though.
  3. Wait Patine got banned! This has gone to far. What happened?
  4. I did this in 2016 and said Trump will win-I was right. I am telling you Trump will lose 100%. and just like I did before to some in 2016, I will tag you in a "I told you so" post by the end of it
  5. It matters, If Biden wins TX,GA,NC, and the others for example he doesn't need PA. Only certain states are kinda relying on post election day ballot counting PA is one of those.
  6. I just don’t predict an election night where me and my friends are celebrating a domination of Trump, of the polls being right. I see a nervous night not going to sleep till 3am.
  7. I still currently predict a Biden 7 point popular vote win, and Biden garnering about 280-290 ev's
  8. Toss up states I think Trump can/Will take: AZ,IA,OH,GA,NC,FL,WI,TX,PA Ones he won't: MN,MI,NV So yeah...It is still up in the air. @vcczar
  9. I agree, if you mean early voting could exceed that
  10. If say the nominees where Baker/Hogan, what would you see the map looking like? Do you think it would flip the map in anyway?
  11. What @Actinguy and let's us not forget what happened last election, the final two weeks is why it went to Trump. As a Biden supporter I am staying vigilant, and calling it 50/50 just so I am not disappointed, and working to help him win all I can.
  12. My best chance for Trump prediction, making WI and PA complete tossups giving Trump a 57% chance to win.
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