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  1. I think the major question is will Trump run again? and how will he do if he does?
  2. It's just unethical to attack somebody over there past where they only did harm to themselves. If anything it's sad. Trump supporters will try to use this as an attacking point for some reason. It's disgusting to attack someone over this in my opinion. And a sex tape, like what? Who cares. They just look so desperate at this point.
  3. Chief Justice Gorsuch confirm Barrett block Kavanaugh
  4. This is an excellent and interesting write up! Thanks for the research it was a great read (Though I may have not responded to any posts) I have enjoyed reading all of them
  5. I mis-remembered it then, I thought the Rwandan genocide was incapsulated in it.
  6. "Burundi mass killings of Hutus and Tutsi" Is the Rwandan Genocide, it is included within that.
  7. I like Van Gogh (Picasso right behind) as a character of art the most, but actual art wise I gotta go with Salvador Dali
  8. I played Macduff in Macbeth last year in the Theatre class I took here at Penn State
  9. for the last question I meant to choose the 2nd to last option
  10. without making a long post, which I will make closer to election day, I would say 85% Biden. With 10% of Trump winning being he does something unethical to win (Republican legislation electors switching to Trump, and overturning a states results as an example) and 5% Trump fairly wins.
  11. They snuck Trump in the helicopter, making it so you couldn't see him.
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