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  1. I just came on this thread and really enjoy it so far. I hope you continue but understand the time it takes to do if you choose not to.
  2. This is something I did while doing a replay of the 1972 baseball season with a game called Action PC Baseball , which I also added a twist. As the baseballs season is played out so is the Presidential election of 1972 with the old PF08. The delegate counts were a little off in that game so I kept track of the totals on the side. The election coverage is only part of the story, with the first focus on the baseball season, then a little bit else on the Vietnam war. The PDF is broken down by month and the 72 Election coverage is all under the heading "American Trilogy." Also th
  3. Would love to see an updated 1972 scenario. The Democratic primary presents a lot of what if opportunities
  4. No problem, also don't want to sound like I was complaining, I just wanted to make sure the version I had was right. I really appreciate the time you anyone else does to make these campaigns. If you want any help adding events or input let me know I would be glad to pitch in.
  5. Hello Not sure why but the version I downloaded off the campaign page still has the dates wrong for the primaries. For example New Hampshire was on March 7th 1972 followed by Florida March 14, Illinois March 21 and then Wisconsin on April 4th. In the game it has NH in March 12, Florida not until May 28th, Illinois June 12, and Wisconsin on April 2nd. These are all the dates from 1968. I download the file marked version 2 so maybe that is not your complete version?
  6. Look forward to this when you are done. On the Democrats side it was pretty interesting at least. Also some good what if's, HHH had been better organized could he have beat McGovern? or Wallace didn't get shot, or if Ted Kennedy had entered. I did notice on the version you uploaded I noticed the primary dates were not the actual dates. I think they might be still the one from 1968
  7. If I did it right I pm'd you my email. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Thanks for your repsonse. Do you know where I could find the P4E2008 version of the 1972 campaign?
  9. I was wondering if there was a scenario out there that covered the 1972 election with primaries. I haven't found it but just thought I would ask, or maybe someone is making it. I am pretty new to the game so I appologized if my question is redundent. Although the 1972 general election was not very close, the Dem. primary that year had some interesting possibilities. What if California had not been a winner take all. What if Wallace did not get shot, or ran for a third party. Or what if the Anyone but McGovern group won out at the convention, or Jimmy Carter vs Nixon etc. Anyway thanks
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