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  1. I've decided to play Hillary Clinton (who I detest) because I can easily make mistakes learning in primaries with her overhelming lead.
  2. Real world politicians only resort to negative ads if behind in ballot polls.
  3. I'm trying to figure out all the symbols on the platform screen of the leaning of candidates compared to the state. I remember in past versions there was explaination of this screen which has not changed.
  4. LOL Anthony would more than double the sales of game if new users understood how to play it. I'm sure the earlier versions came with better docs.
  5. There is virtually no manual for President Infinity. The help files are inadequate. I don't understand all the graphs and mechanics of the game. The platform of candidates is a prime example. Is there a more comprehensive help files or manual from previous versions of the game? We are not all veterans! cheers
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