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  1. For me Biden will win (excepted if a major thing happens once again) The question is rather if he would carry 280 EVs or 340-350 For the moment I remain on my 335 Evs projection but I will look at the opinion polls.
  2. Yes she definitively was a good moderator, she was very neutral and gave them a good time to reply.
  3. When Kristen Welker said "thank you ... and most importantly " I thought she was going to say "AND LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT"
  4. Honestly I agree with @vcczar it's an even debate even if I would give a slight lead to Biden on the performance (not a huge one) Trump needed to win and he should have tried to ask more difficult questions on Biden than attacking or repeating his lines.
  5. "Least racist person in this room, I can't see the audience it's dark but I am the least racist person"
  6. I don't get why Trump became so much agressive, he was mostly calm untill now.
  7. The Biden from 2012 has just teleported in the second part of the debate But yes the content of what they said was not concrete with the questions (because of Trump focus on the cages).
  8. It's like someone injected coffee to Biden since 10-20 minutes.
  9. I agree ! She is a very good debater It's more her personnality which played against her than her debatting skills
  10. It's an interesting point The USA is not the only country where debates got dumber Actually in France we saw the same and it started in 2012 with Hollande v Sarkozy The 2017 Marine le Pen v Macron debate was just a disaster and the worst debate we ever got. So I guess that the shape of the debates is a reflect of the shape of our politics.
  11. Honestly Trump focused way too much on Hunter and almost used him as a magic card in the last chinese part The crucial point is the moment where Trump mocks the rethoric of Biden about families It remains a low debate even if it's less worse than the beginning.
  12. Honestly it's apparent to me that Trump does not want to publish his tax return. Actually if you want to know, the GOP leader for the american community in France already said - while supporting Trump - that the news from the Washington Post about his tax returns were surely true.
  13. I don't get what Trump says about Crimea, the mixt with Hunter rumors is weirdo. But Biden's reply is very good about the tax returns, he actually not enough played on it during the 1st debate.
  14. Attacking Fauci wasn't the best move for Trump Biden is having a greater time right now
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