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  1. I just wanted to tell you that I think your answer very interesting even when we are from different political backgrounds you are still much fair in your views About the LGBT equality it is true to say that most of the western countries (at some exception) are still far-ahead and way better than most of others countries of the world who are for the majority in the "depenalization without recognition" statut quo (and 1/3 of the remaining countries are still in the criminal reply) But even in the best part of the world regarding LGBT equalities there are still 3 to 6 more times self-mu
  2. The problem with populisms is that they reject the fact-checking. The number one argument against fact-checking is to say that "people don't believe to facts, they watch reality".
  3. Like many I voted for Having relations with someone without their consent should result in resignation. Sexual harassment or purposeful inappropriate touching without the person's consent should result in resignation. Evidence of multiple instances of harassment or purposeful inappropriate touching without a person's consent should result in resignation. But I am not sure for Having relations with someone that is underage by state or federal law should result in resignation. Depends of the age by state, if every state say 15 years old it's okay, if it's 18 I wou
  4. Actually made a mistake, I would have voted Charlie Baker before Rand Paul My vote is no surprise, as socially liberal my top 3 would be Baker then Paul then Kasich I think that if Charlie Baker was the Republican nominee I could vote GOP, but he is a super RINO for what his party has become
  5. A friend of mine sent me this the 3rd of november, telling "my game says it will finish like it" I was like "hehehehe, NO" Sounds like apart for NC the game did a pretty good job !
  6. According to my projection Biden is expected to finish with a lead of 200 000 votes in Pennsylvania For Georgia it will be SUPER close cause I do not know how many military votes will come in, Biden should win but by same number of votes than Bush in Florida in 2000 However look at the final EVs, it's 2016 reversed
  7. Yes of course ! But if you want more details Yesterday morning Trump was 690 000 votes ahead of Biden and there were 1 400 000 remaining votes to count in Pennsylvania. As of now, 900 000 votes of these 1 400 000 have been counted, mainly from Philadelphia and Trump's margin has come from 700 000 to 100 000 That means that Biden got roughly 750 000 votes by mail and Trump 150 000. If the trends remains the same, well, Biden will enjoy a margin of more than 100 000 votes over Trump in Pennsylvania.
  8. It remains 50 000 votes to count in Georgia and 500 000 in Penn, Joe has good chances to win both but more Penn than Georgia
  9. In 2 hours we will know if Biden wins Arizona but it is likely (as of now) As I said, I am open minded I told several days ago that this was the only path to victory for Trump : And I am right excepted if Nevada switches (which is unlikely too as of now) Trump needs to get Arizona.
  10. If Trump loses Arizona, it's done Getting Nevada will be hard @TheLiberalKitten YOU RUINED EVERYTHING WITH YOUR LITTLE VOTE
  11. Your concept is very interesting ! I will play it for sure
  12. (1988 was the first roleplay of this forum Have fun doing it back !)
  13. I personnaly believe that Trump has higher chances to take Pennsylvania rather than Wisconsin. But yes your maps are pretty good, and actually your pessimist scenario is my own projection, but for me Biden is between 280 and 375 Evs (335 is the good compromise).
  14. You were 2 years old when he wrote the first post of this topic John Kerry was the democratic nominee Barack Obama was a state senator from Illinois Ronald Reagan had just died Independence was at its peak in Quebec Lady Gaga was not a thing yet Britney Spears was cool The Greeks just won the european football championship Ipods were cool and modern Window vista was the modernity Internet was out of prices and just began to be democratized. Myspace was THE social network. What to add?
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