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  1. Yep but it's harsher to get lands when the people is not supporting you (and that your own country remains poorly inhabited) Actually if one time you go to Quebec you will be able to visit the citadelle de Quebec. After the american revolution, GB armored many places of Canada in order to be sure that any invasion from the US be stopped.
  2. To be honest, the americans tried to free francophone people from Quebec in 1776, but they remained mostly loyal and calm because the catholic clergy told them to do so but also because Great Britain had decided to be kind with Quebecers in order to not have them rioting. While the other part of Canada (the anglo one) was composed of loyalists of the crown who fled the american revolution.
  3. Last news from today -One of the parent who started fake news about the teacher had a private mobile communication with the terrorist who beheaded the teacher but we do not know the context of the messages yet -The terrorist had given 300 euros to 5 teenagers in order to get details and infos about the teacher to be sure to kill the real one, the teenagers say they weren't aware that the guy who payed them was going to behead the teacher -51 associations including a big organization which have unclear links with radical islamism are going to be closed or risk to be soon -Th
  4. Open edit scenario Then go in regions and percentages by state for a party In the percentages in state per party you can modify them for each state and reduce them
  5. It surely may increase turnout for the basis of Trump But if black turnout rise back from 59 to 65-66% because of the murder of George Floyd it may cost many states to the GOP (Georgia, NC, the rust belt, Florida) Traditionnal republicans would not have used the same rethoric than Trump on George Floyd, the best example is George W Bush A second point which lead me to believe that Trump lost a net support in his strategy is the switch of the american opinion on Black Lives Matter https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/09/16/support-for-black-lives-matte
  6. The main problem with the US nowadays is that counties are way more sided than they were 30 years ago. So it depends where you live in Ohio, but if a tierce of your district has switched for the dems it's a big deal cause there are neighborhoods like the one of Vcczar where it's full Biden. We know that the election will be settled in the suburbs Cause rural america is now fully GOP : And towns fully DEM :
  7. Justly he won there by 3,5 points Mitt Romney won AZ by 9 points in 2012 AZ was among the states where Hillary Clinton made actual gains as compared to Obama The McCain family, as well as Jeff Session support Joe Biden, the point is - to me - that Trump solidified the GOP in some states (Indiana, Iowa - still to see - , Ohio, maybe even Florida but not so sure now) while he clearly diminished the republicans in New Hampshire, Arizona, Virginia, Nevada and even Colorado These states should have went for the GOP in 2016 with a regular GOP candidate, only one of these states a
  8. He was not but it was a clear referendum on Trump, and we saw that democrats who have not been re-elected excepted for Jon Tester had all voted against Kavanaugh as Supreme Court in a state where Trump was mostly popular (Missouri, Indiana, Florida). To the contrary the states where he was really unpopular switched like Arizona where McSally lost. The main purpus of the 2018 was a referendum on Trump and actually Trump also said it expressively. And yes, the 2018 pollings weren't that inaccurate, actually they had slightly underestimated the Dems for the House in % and seats (235
  9. The minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin asked to extrade 231 persons who are not citizens of France and who are signaled as potential threat to the national security. The exact same day Jean Luc Mélenchon while he is left-wing / hard-left, told that "the tchentchen who have politically islamist activities on social networks should be found back and extraded" aswell. Seems that this terrorist attack has produced an even bigger shift on the political class than the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack.
  10. 1st to vote : 1 See my first comment for the backstory, then vote. If you were a US Senator in 1954, would you vote to condemn Sen. McCarthy? Yes. Because supporting McCarthy means going against the essential roots of a traditionnal judicial system and how it works. 2. What follow up punishment would you support? Removal from all his committees. Because he is rightfully senator of his state, but does not deserve to lead his committees if it's for violating the way justice has to be delivered. 3. What would be closer to your official stance on the US Communism threat in 195
  11. Well, they so well lied to pollsters in 2018 that they made Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House and elected Kyrsten Sinema in AZ. I don't believe at all to this, even Trafalgar Group which is a republican pollster gives Biden 278 *as of now*
  12. I tend to believe that opinion pollings improved aswell, that's why Trump is doing better in some swing states compared to 2016 or quite close while trailing by much more at the national level.
  13. Place de la République - currently As to reply to Patine, I am opposed to the ban of school at home but I believe that if Macron does not concede it would be even worse.
  14. It could be yes cause the fact that a teacher was beheaded for teaching a constitutionnal right created a big shock Many among the political class want radical actions such as forcing religious offices to clearly condemn this act or to be closed Just a week ago Emmanuel Macron had already decided that the "school at home" would be banned because of some radicalizations suspicions and also that private schools would be more controled, and with this terrorist act the actions could go even further. Many of the parents who spread the fake news are currently under inquiry by the polic
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