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  1. Happy that we are linked in opinion (essentially on PA)
  2. Thank you for all the job you have done on this election ! For the model, I am almost certain that Trump won't flip Nevada. I think I am open minded and I believe that the "best" scenario for Trump would be to only lose Michigan and Wisconsin while keeping one of the two congressional districts, which would put him at 279 for him and 259 for Biden. This is for me his best map to get, a map in which he retains Arizona, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Iowa.
  3. We're not in 2012 In 2012 hurricane Sandy played a big role in keeping swing states to Barack Obama, and even back when him and Romney were neck and neck in national polls, I believe that Obama would have won without this event (maybe with less than 332 but not sure)
  4. New California Republic Congress : (event 1) in California (do not know which zone exactly) Speech of Press Kimball, declaring Mission accomplished My fellow Californians We hadn't asked for anything at the start of this year. We stood there peacefully, shaking hands, asking citizens about the future of our Wasterlands. When a bullet whistled close to my ear, a boomer bullet. That January day, blood mingled with the cries, and covered the ground of North-Vegas. That January day, hope gave way to fear. I stood before you asking for the right of Congress
  5. After the beheading of Samuel Paty France reaffirmed the right of liberty to caricature, including the prophet of islam which led to controversies with boycotts of french produces in some countries such as Pakistan / Koweit Also the reinforcement of the "law against separatism" presented by the french government irritated Erdogan who told that Macron should "take mental health cares" Iran also made some publications like this one : The European Union and India mostly supported France against Erdogan, but the rethoric continued to inflate on caricatures and rel
  6. To be sincere everyone was hiped by Obama even in my country back in 2008 (and I was only 4 years and half older than you dudes !) But many kids in France believed that John McCain was a french-fries CEO Because of this :
  7. (OH GOD I LOVE IT The potential of trolling is now infinite By the way I am gonna use Dance too thanks to the Brotherood pact As long as we put Lt Gutsy far away from the RP I guess we will be fine )
  8. Last day I read a funny article about the 2000 election final prediction made by Harris interactives : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2000/nov/07/worlddispatch.uselections2000 Fun fact : The purpus of this article published 20 years ago in few days was to say that Gore was at 46% Bush 47% and Nader 4% So they said that Al Gore could become the first american president elected without winning the popular vote since Harrison Here are some extracts from the 6th of November 2000 : New Hampshire and Florida (we will never know for Florida though) end
  9. I have become a RPG player while getting older, what I love in good RPGs is freedom. I felt in love with Assassin's Creed Odissey, while I wasn't very hiped to play initially, I passed the lockdown killing the game. I have been fidelized back to the serie thanks to the RPG. There are very few RPGs I like, I LOVED Kingdom Come. And for CK2 I played a lot to this game while I was a teenager (especially to the GoT mod), now that I am older I love the CK3 model while again I wasn't very hiped by their marketing. Personnaly I like bold games, the ones which let you decide what c
  10. I already made a message about it. But if you want a good book I firmly recommend : I read it. And also. To talk about Yascha's book : He personnaly believes that 3 things led to current situation : -Economic stagnation -Rising immigration (or important one) not to denounce, but to explain that some white people have felt "depossessed" -Social networks which have let a total and uncontroled free speech but also conspiracy and hate speech (he compares internet to the print invention and says the print inventions led to rel
  11. To reply to @Hestia11 I think this is a common political thing to do in the western occident If I am not wrong John Prescott also received an egg in 2001 while campaigning for Tony Blair Buuuut the frenchy thing is to attack politicians with this : THIS WEAPON BELONGS TO US.
  12. Sorry to tag everyone But if Trump would manage to win with the same trail in the national vote than McCain in 2008, I officially nickname his electorate "the ninja gang"
  13. You're asking about sportive skills not presidential one. #TeddyRoosevelt4Life
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