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  1. Edouard

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    I want you to vote for the undecided option
  2. Because of you I want to bet 50 dollars on Biden winning Texas for the bold prediction
  3. Edouard

    Yes or No

    Okay this is my final attempt I appeal to your reason ! And a special target to @PoliticalPundit
  4. Edouard

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    Let me give you more propaganda
  5. Edouard

    Yes or No

    To the end I will campaign for the undecided
  6. Edouard

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    Undecided (only).
  7. Very very hard to decide. There are cases where the Court was morally wrong but played a little, others when she wasn't particulary morally wrong (like Bush v Gore) but set the table for nightmares (I think that if recounts are delayed Trump could actually try a Bush v Gore if he is ahead in first results in enough swing states) or Shelby County where the SC opened the door for electoral or partisan political segregation. Of course Dredd Scoot and Buck remain among the worst in a moral point of view and in consequences too.
  8. I think that Kennedy is more a libertarian conservative than a social conservative. Anyways good job !
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