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  1. My suggestion is to target the early states. And make state-specific ads every week. Except for the early states, the primaries are easy. So one option is to just ignore them. But if you have as a goal to win all the primary states or something, you need to fight hard for them. Most importantly, run state-specific ads every week. Typically it takes 3 to 5 just to keep you above water. if you want to win like Iowa as Trump, it is easiest to run 3 to 5 ads every week for that state until about 10 weeks before the primary. Visit it every week also. Then, 10 weeks before, up your ads to a
  2. I can confirm the problem exists for 9 also. Congratulations on the person with 14... far better than I.
  3. I like the new Spin system. However, it only works if you get 5 interview offers or fewer. When you get 6 or more offers, the screen does not work correctly. Errors exist both that stop you from picking from the interviews you would like to agree to and that stop you from spinning stories with the help of surrogates. So far, I have noticed this problem with 6 - 8 newspapers. However, I have just started playing this version and assume the problem exists for over 8 as well. If you could fix it that would help. This problem really makes it hard for players who typically like to have around
  4. Here is the result of my first attempt to win 538 electoral votes on Hard. Rules that I set were to use the unmodified game with no changes. No changes to who is running, set on hard. I Selected Huckabee as my candidate and the earliest starting primary date offered as the start date. I won Iowa and NH, but lost SC, NV, and all by a couple of the Super Tuesday states. I then won all the states after except for a surprise loss in Indiana by less than 1 percent. The advantage of being a republican candidate is the winner-take-all for the later primaries ended my race earlier giving me an a
  5. 45 states - so 225 56 percent so 140 365 total. Plus 457 electoral votes = 822 I put up about 85 pictures for the game so you can see a week by week more or less for the game. Somehow, I am not alowed to post images -- stupid given the rules. My image link is at: https://i.imgur.com/VCcfB5E.png
  6. Here are some basic tips.... warning that I nearly always win big and so these may help you too much. To not ruin the game for you, I will be general. 1. use momentum to your advantage. Understand how it works and how to get it. It is very, very easy to get alot of momentum and keep it. Likewise, it is possible to force an opponent to have so much negative momentum that he only gets 1 turn a day for nearly the entire game. 2. Understand the difference between big state strategy and small state strategy. Think about how each action works for each type of state. 3. Think hard about wh
  7. http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12144 I can not figure out how to upload an image from my computer. I have about 50, but this website appears to require that I post the picture elsewhere online and then link to it. Way too much work. Add a feature to directly upload a picture and if I look back on the board I will do so. 19 states 95 points 34.3 percent of the vote 85.75 points 215 electoral votes Total score: 395.75 Suggest adding factors for difficulty and start date. I used a primary start and it helps to do that. If someone else goes directly to election or
  8. Here is the story of a close 3 way race, Primary and General Election, on medium difficulty version 2.05. I chose Johnson and used the default options on everything. Spies on, fog of war on, Primaries on. I started on July 15th 2015. No modifications were made to the game (although I usually make a few to make the game better, in this case I played default as part of the 3rd party challenge post. The only changes I made to pure default were to select Johnson as on and human player, and to select bush as computer player (as opposed to human). The game started with the GOP in the lead and
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