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  1. I think Obama is the best choice on democratic side. Obama 08 is about as unbeatable as they come. '88 bush for gop. Can't recall a more qualified individual.
  2. How do you edit the map to add white circles and new regions in PI?
  3. when editing regions.. theres a universal shift area thats set to zero. what does that do?
  4. Can you edit candidates names in CI? Create your own candidates and the like?
  5. Exactly. If you win a state with a certain percentage there will inevitably be some coattails. In a close race, that could be the difference.
  6. I think a good feature would be the ability to customize the entire universe. Create your own senatorial candidates, governors.. their individual politics.. popularity.. etc. Also be able to simulate Senate races while overlapped with your Presidential race to see how your coat tails can aid a candidate out.
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