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  1. Baseball is a more popular sport in the white community.
  2. Thank you. I ignored everyone's comments in between.
  3. I would say it was less than expected. I heard from a few that Hood winning the popular vote was most likely.
  4. Yeah it was satire I was just joshing/yanking your chain/ having a laugh/ etc.
  5. This is sexist and you should apologize
  6. I voted Libertarian, but wanted to vote for none.
  7. Economics: C- Foreign Policy: F- Social Issues: D- Upholding Oath of Office/Constitution: F- (Copied from Reagan04) Overall: F+ to D-
  8. 1. It truly depends on who the nominee is. If it's a moderate like Biden then the party is likely to move left just as the opposite happened with the Republicans after the '08 election. If it's someone like Sanders and Warren then I expect them to bunker down and focus on the midterms, which I expect would have good gains for the Democrats. The party in the 2030's might be more left than what it is right now. 2. If Trump looses in a landslide I expect Trump to become too toxic to compare yourself to. I would expect them to move slightly back to the middle. I expect the party to be more moderate, and diverse in the 2030's as with demographics changing I don't really see the Republicans able to continue to win national elections at the rate they have been. But it's all speculation anyways so who really knows?
  9. I have family members who are poor and at this moment in time have yet been able to get a form of picture ID (Drivers license or state ID) as they can't afford the 25 dollars that it costs nor able to make their way to the DPS to get it. Average wait time can be anywhere from one to three hours just to get the ID, and that's if your'r lucky. It's not as bad in the more rural towns, but they're too far away, that making that trip really isn't advisable.
  10. I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that after the early states that whomever has the most delegates usually ends up winning that it's unlikely for anyone to overcome the delegate leader. Also If Biden drops out I think the black voters would spread to Warren, Sanders, and Harris if those three are still in. I've seen a few polls that show Pete at like 0% with black voters.
  11. If Biden maintains his less than 10 point lead then loses Iowa it might be over for him. Especially if he also loses New Hampshire, South Carolina wouldn't be able to save him.
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