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  1. So yes, you support segregation then. You are fine with cutting people off from aspects of society because they will not put a foreign substance (in this case, an experimental drug) into their body. When is discrimination/segregation wrong and when is it acceptable? If you say that it is a matter of choice, then let's bring up another subject. A gay "wedding" does not need a cake (that is a choice). They don't need some fancy wedding ceremony either (that is also a choice). But you would support action against a baker who could not consciously serve such a ceremony. You could even add another choice in there when there are plenty of other businesses to go to. Where does the line get drawn when it comes to choices?
  2. This does put the nanny state question into consideration. If these mandates are "for the good of the people," then where does that stop? When is life safe enough to let people go about their business?
  3. "There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary government program." Hence why I have fought against ridiculous rules and mandates from the very beginning. Government doesn't just give power back, it seeks to build off of what it has gained. People thought those who warned about these "passports" were conspiracy theorists until it became a real policy. The slippery slope is a real thing when it comes to government and power.
  4. See, I am fine with the protections if they don't use their position for political gain. But when they do that, they are a publisher and do not deserve the protections. I see it as a choice: be fair and continue to do business or be bias and find a different business model.
  5. DeSantis is more conservative than Trump but also has the ability to build a bigger coalition
  6. The idea of vaccine passports (especially one mandated by government forces) is nothing short of authoritarianism. And the idea that society should treat those who do not get the shot as second class citizens is dangerous. When politicians start scapegoating segments of the population (especially with fear tactics), things usually do not go so well.
  7. I'd argue the best option is to remove their special section 230 protections. The current business models of these companies could not survive without the special treatment they receive.
  8. Jones also has a more concentrated audience (which limits his appeals to certain groups), where Tucker has a broad audience amongst the right wing of the political spectrum
  9. Tucker Carlson is the easiest example to point to because his media type was similar. Ben Shapiro could get to that point if he were to expand, but the Daily Wire is such a different media type that it isn't exactly the same (even if Shapiro does have a podcast).
  10. Against Biden or Harris, I agree. Trump might have more difficulty against a different Democrat (though the field did disappoint this past time around).
  11. Trump Easily Wins CPAC Straw Poll, Again Insinuates Stolen Election in Speech (msn.com) It must be pointed out that these polls have been wrong in the past, though they did give a good indication of the conservative base of the Republican Party. No surprise to see Trump having so much support, though DeSantis in the 20s even with Trump running is significant. I believe it shows how he is in a position to expand a coalition further than Trump did. And no surprise to see DeSantis dominate the without Trump poll, though the fact that no one else got double digits is significant. Right now, he has a firm lead with this group (and likely with the RP as a whole) should Trump not run.
  12. That is what the political Establishment is best at (and I would certainly not agree that they are going back to the Tea Party, an anti-establishment, populist backlash against those in power). Those in power know how to keep it. We'll see if that trend continues.
  13. Not to mention the disaster of putting test ballots into the official count, thus causing days of confusion and uncertainty
  14. Section 230 is a big part of the monopoly. It'll be difficult to do anything (in terns of competition) until that is addressed
  15. This new extremism warning Facebook is sending out is just further proof of this fact. Makes you wonder how far they can go without facing significant financial loss due to backlash
  16. To be fair though, DeSantis will be hit by the media in the same way. Though he'd be stronger (from what I have seen so far) in deflecting those attacks. I am not sure how Noem would do just yet.
  17. She's smarter than Palin
  18. DeSantis is the best option for the GOP at this point. He has the broadest range of appeal while having a solid resume as governor. Putting him with a younger VP pick would help the GOP's image. Without thinking too much about it, DeSantis/Noem would be perfect for that.
  19. That actually does not surprise me too much. DeSantis would be more popular amongst fiscal conservative and libertarian folks (ie. leaders of the Tea Party). And he has more of an ability to unify wings of the party than Trump. It is worth mentioning that this straw poll did not take into account first choices. I'll be interested to see something like that come out. Would help give us a clearer picture.
  20. Gros has expressed interest in running. Sure, there is a chance that he doesn't. But it is still reasonable to take his potential candidacy into consideration. Polling number don't mean a whole lot right now, though it is likely Murkowski and Gross would be fighting for that 2nd position (which goes back to my original comment about Murkowski's position depending on her placement before the RCV kicks in). I do agree this poll in likely off (and favoring Dem voters).
  21. Correct (for the primary). And then those 4 go on to the general (which is ranked choice). But (going of off polls right now), I do not think Alaskan Independence Party (currently in a distant 4th) voters go to Murkowski (thus causing her to be knocked out if Gross is ahead of her at that point).
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