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  1. That is what the political Establishment is best at (and I would certainly not agree that they are going back to the Tea Party, an anti-establishment, populist backlash against those in power). Those in power know how to keep it. We'll see if that trend continues.
  2. Not to mention the disaster of putting test ballots into the official count, thus causing days of confusion and uncertainty
  3. Section 230 is a big part of the monopoly. It'll be difficult to do anything (in terns of competition) until that is addressed
  4. This new extremism warning Facebook is sending out is just further proof of this fact. Makes you wonder how far they can go without facing significant financial loss due to backlash
  5. To be fair though, DeSantis will be hit by the media in the same way. Though he'd be stronger (from what I have seen so far) in deflecting those attacks. I am not sure how Noem would do just yet.
  6. She's smarter than Palin
  7. DeSantis is the best option for the GOP at this point. He has the broadest range of appeal while having a solid resume as governor. Putting him with a younger VP pick would help the GOP's image. Without thinking too much about it, DeSantis/Noem would be perfect for that.
  8. That actually does not surprise me too much. DeSantis would be more popular amongst fiscal conservative and libertarian folks (ie. leaders of the Tea Party). And he has more of an ability to unify wings of the party than Trump. It is worth mentioning that this straw poll did not take into account first choices. I'll be interested to see something like that come out. Would help give us a clearer picture.
  9. Gros has expressed interest in running. Sure, there is a chance that he doesn't. But it is still reasonable to take his potential candidacy into consideration. Polling number don't mean a whole lot right now, though it is likely Murkowski and Gross would be fighting for that 2nd position (which goes back to my original comment about Murkowski's position depending on her placement before the RCV kicks in). I do agree this poll in likely off (and favoring Dem voters).
  10. Correct (for the primary). And then those 4 go on to the general (which is ranked choice). But (going of off polls right now), I do not think Alaskan Independence Party (currently in a distant 4th) voters go to Murkowski (thus causing her to be knocked out if Gross is ahead of her at that point).
  11. Depends. If Murkowski misses the runoff (which polls show now), she is done. Al Gross is a strong candidate to take that 2nd position. In this case, the ranked-choice voting would actually sink her. Should she make the runoff, I agree because Dems will attempt to vote her back in.
  12. Don't under estimate McCarthy's political power. It took them a while to get rid of Liz Cheney because of his influence on the situation.
  13. Biggest downside is the loss of Trump as a campaign surrogate. He would be a huge asset in weeding out people like Murkowski in Alaska, Liz Cheney in Wyoming, etc. He would also need to find a safe seat, but that might force out a sitting member of Congress.
  14. For current leadership it is. Because the base wants to see it addressed. I don't know why you are questioning me about this though. I have absolutely no control over the party's messaging. I am just stating the facts of the situation.
  15. The party has decided that the 2020 election should be investigated because of potential oddities. If she doesn't want to hold that same position (at least publicly), then she should have stepped down from leadership on her own. Now, you could question whether party leaders ACTUALLY believe their rhetoric, but that is the message they wish to send. So if someone in leadership is publicly opposing it, they are actively undermining the party's messaging.
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