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  1. This might be the best option. I guess it is sort of a subscription model, but one that is more firmly placed around a major event (that is, an update).
  2. I'm afraid the Trump references will be quite operational (sorry, you set that up too well )
  3. Yes, that's my line of thinking as well. Since I would like to stay in Kentucky, I'm focusing on the schools that would set me up well for a career here. Though I'm also keeping my options for DC open (as that is something I've considered as well).
  4. So, I am in at Ohio State (awaiting scholarship), Cincinnati (100%), NKU (100%), Nebraska (100%), Penn State (100%), University of Kentucky (70% and an invite to scholarship competition), Belmont (100%), and Washington and Lee (70%). I am still awaiting a decision from George Mason, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Duke, Texas, Florida, Indiana, and Case Western Reserve. I thought about the Scalia Scholars program, but I decided I didn't want to bind myself anywhere. The DC cost of living was a big part in that decision for me.
  5. I'm looking at schools around Kentucky for the most part (since I'd like to stay here for the near future). Plus Belmont is quickly becoming well respected in the area (with a high bar passage rate and a high employment rate). I have a solid GPA and LSAT too, so I figure I could get a very good scholarship there as well. I already have a full ride from NKU and Nebraska on the table (with a stipend from Nebraska). I also got into Cincinnati, but they mail their scholarship offers (so I don't know what I got yet).
  6. I applied to George Mason (the Federalist Society has a strong presence there). But I also applied to UK, Northern Kentucky, Ohio State, Case Western Reserve, Cincinnati, Indiana, Notre Dame, Belmont, Vanderbilt, Washington and Lee, Duke, Texas, Texas A&M (paid all my fees), Penn State (paid all my fees), and Nebraska (paid all my fees).
  7. This is one of the strange elections where it could be a Biden landslide, a Trump landslide, or a very close race. Honestly, I could see any of these happening.
  8. Indeed. That's why I tend to give ranges for outcomes. If I see one candidate have a 70% or higher chance of victory, that tells me they think he will win. If it's something like 60%, then its a lean but not definite prediction. Take this election for instance. If Trump wins despite having a 10% chance of victory, I am gonna call BS on the model (even though it technically predicted a win in 10% of the scenarios).
  9. It's unfortunate that Europe has once again moved in this direction. I have had a couple of friends in the UK leave the Conservative Party over Borris's decision to lock the country down again.
  10. Yes, Biden does support one. He has consistently flip-flopped and the issue. But, I'll believe his statement supporting such a mandate. Not to mention his threat to shut the country down if the scientists said to do so. Other Presidents have also attempted to usurp the power of the purse. That is nothing new (unfortunately), and Biden would undoubtedly use that power if it suited his purposes (or Kamala when she takes the reigns). If that is your big issue, then you couldn't legitimately support either of the major party candidates. I am not a big fan of Trump on the budget, and I ha
  11. 1. 21 2. Student (Currently applying to law schools) 3. About to graduate with a BA in Political Science and History (with minors in business and sports management). Will be getting my JD (and maybe a masters). 4. Libertarian Conservative 5. ESTJ
  12. If he says that Biden has a 90% chance of winning, he is predicting a Biden victory. Yes he is because the number means nothing. If he thinks Trump only has a small percentage chance to win, then he is predicting a Biden victory. The percentage is just a copout to be able to cover up being way off with his prediction. That's what happened in 2016, and that is what'll happen this year if Trump wins.
  13. Here's something to remember though. A person can vote for Trump and a Democrat for House at the same time. Just look at Kentucky's 6th District for instance. Trump destroyed Clinton in it in 2016, but that was a swing election in 2018. While I agree that 15% is likely too much, it would not be a shock for him to win Iowa's 1st District while Finkenauer still gets elected.
  14. And even if Trump isn't some liberty champion (which I would never claim), he is better on almost every issue that Biden (who has a massive record of failure over almost half a century). You just deal with Trump Derangement Syndrome because you don't think him as a person and will do anything to see him taken down. You try and claim emergency powers as an action, but there is no evidence Trump has gone further than former Presidents with executive action (and you'd be joking yourself if you do not think Biden and Harris would do the exact same thing). Heck, a national mask mandate would be
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