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  1. Ranked choice voting is absolutely stupid. Chose a candidate and vote for them. Giving some people a second option is ridiculous.
  2. 1. Yes 2. No 3. No 4. I'm happy in Kentucky. Somewhere out west would be the alternative. 5. Yes 6. Pie
  3. I wish the Libertarian Party were a viable option. Unfortunately, they are a complete dumpsterfire and a disgrace. The toxicity within the party is destroying any chance the party has to change directions.
  4. I agree. I'm kind of excited because he is actually a good Libertarian candidate (a rarity in that party these days) Indeed. I'm hoping it'll bring some more momentum to the Mises Caucus wing of the party (which is where Rainwater is more towards).
  5. People who are interested in this race should also look at the Indiana gubernatorial election. Conservatives seem to be consolidating around the Libertarian candidate (making it a 3 person race). Will be interesting to watch on election night.
  6. Standard flu vaccines are highly ineffective, which is why so many people still get the flu every year. It sounds like this virus will be very similar based on reports (though that remains to be seen). But if that is the case, we will be living with it well into the future. Additionally, the CDC has come out and said that the vast majority of deaths have had complicating factors. That is not to say that all would have died without the virus, but a large chunk would have (not to mention the example of a car accident death being listed as a virus death). And then you have the arbitrary nature of
  7. In 2016, they had a similar opportunity in Alaska (a very libertarian friendly state) but completely ignored it. I would not be holding my breath for them to do something competent.
  8. Indeed. In fact, Frankfort was the only state capital in a non-secessionist state (at least officially) that was occupied by Confederate forces
  9. I have no idea if you would care, but there is evidence that Beshear has used state funds to attempt to slander, target, and squash those who do not agree with his actions (mainly focused on the religious community). Literally the definition of fascism.
  10. SO why should I wear a mask during this but not during a flu pandemic? The death rate in Kentucky is 1.5% and the majority are from long term care facilities. On my college campus, the probability of dying from the virus is lower than dying in a car accident. Rather than acting like humans can stop a virus from going around through arbitrary lockdowns and mandates (which have NOT stopped the spread), maybe we should focus on trying to protect the most vulnerable to the greatest extent possible. Oh, and if you go out into public, you assume the risks of doing so. If you only want to shop a
  11. Kentucky being a prime example of that. We've had record cases despite King Andy the Terrible's mask mandates (as well as others)
  12. Like others have mentioned, be careful about the polls in Nevada. I thought Trump would do better there in 2016 than ended up happening (one of the few meaningful states he underperformed in). It could very well go his way, but I wouldn't count on it.
  13. The parts that applied to the states (and their various ways of imposing segregation on the populous) where needed and acceptable. The parts applied to businesses (mainly Titles II and VII) were a major overreach by the federal government and are detrimental to the concept of freedom of association.
  14. I was conflicted on this. I fit in this category for many thing, but the slavery issue throws a wrench into things. Picking wither side would have some serious cons coming with it (in my mind).
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