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  1. http://imgur.com/1hLmufA - Santorum winning http://imgur.com/AqckExZ - Finished results
  2. 5 Points for Every State, 2.5 Points for every Percentage Point you win. (The Score System is still being worked out, suggestions would be very helpful, I am adding the Scoreboard at the top) 20 for 4 States, 60 for 24%. 80/750. A VT going Red? Wow, strange election, and good job for getting 1/4 of the Popular Vote good luck here and hope to see more of your campaigns!
  3. Green Party Attempt #1 http://imgur.com/CFkxzOI Score: 1/50 States - 8/100 Votes - 0/20 Strategy - Score: +5 for State, +40 for 8% of Vote - 45/750
  4. I usually go for the swing states, so if I win, I make the establishment parties cry a little bit inside.
  5. Third Party Expansions - New Party Options for 2016 Scenario Campaign Editor additions for the parties Third Party Kingmaking (If A 3rd Party wins a state/s and no one has a majority, that Third Partier would go to Congress and make negotiations. Long time a head but it's a suggestion) Good luck in all the work you guys are doing!
  6. But, if Rubio runs then that could be Florida would be up a toss up for the Senate. So far IL, WI, PA, are the current toss ups/Lean D states. Could the Dems take make it harder or easier on the new Pres.
  7. Third Party Challenge! Intro - During my Playthroughs as a third party, I have always stumbled over 2 Problems 1 - Money, and 2 - No Fair Starts. I have attempted to do third parties because Democrat or Republican, both parties are not very fun (for me) if you play without a hard primary. So if I am playing in 2016 and want a hard game I go with Libertarian, Green, or Bloomberg. (My Best Results respectively) Anyways after destroying elections for Republicans and Democrats alike, I decided that we need a switch-up in the Presidency. We need a Ross Perot, a Gary Johnson, a John Anderso
  8. I really stole from the Democrats in that election... I hope that in the upcoming updates third parties can play themselves as kingmakers, or the ability to see which party won the house. Libertarian House votes Johnson all the way. I was unhappy with the turnout in PA, FL, and TX. 26, 23, 19, respectively. I'd like to ask anyone who is willing, to attempt to do a challenge that I will do also. I'm opening a new post on this so I don't spam jvikings.
  9. My Platform 1) Liberally Independent 2) (Greenland) But I like California, so California. 3) Elizabeth Warren (D Mass.) Joaquin Castro (D. Texas) Tom Davis (R. Virginia) Tim Kaine (D. Virginia) 4) Stats: Leadership - 4 Integrity - 4 Experience - 2 Issue Familiarity - 3 Charisma - 3 Stamina - 2 Debate - 4 5) Platform: Immigration: Center Tax Rates: Center-left Health Care: Center Government Spending: Center Military Intervention: Center-left Role of Government: Center-left Corruption: Center Defense Spending: Center-right Social Security:
  10. I'd like to set this up for PI2016, and also the 2012 campaign. I can attempt to make the map for it, using counties to make up Kentucky. It has 120, so candidates need to get at least a bicycle.
  11. Communism in America? McCarthy Rolled Over in his coffin when he heard you type this post. In all seriousness, good luck with this.
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