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  1. Hi - I'd love to get hold of this scenario. Could you e-mail it please to aidanbrack@btinternet.com?
  2. It's definitely not. However, a photo can be found here: http://media.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/nat...rge1_091498.jpg Aidan
  3. Only just got around to downloading this and giving it a go - have had computer problems for far too long. I like the range of candidates and I think that the scenario generally works well. I do think though that the Greens get far too much momentum when they pick Nader - it always comes in with about 90 points of momentum and doesn't disappear for weeks. The result is a minimum of 9-10%. The Republican side of the scenario is well balanced and a lot of fun to play though. Nice to have an alternative campaign to 04 and 08.
  4. The latest patch for the scenario is great - I've just played as both of the above (MH and TT) and won really thumping majorities with both. It's nice that the scenario finally feels up to date (there only seem to be a few people with no chance at all not included now). Bloomberg would be fun - I miss playing as Ross Perot in the 92 campaign.
  5. aidanbrack

    primary order

    If during the game you are wanting to check the primary order you can always click "strategy" - it displays them in order of date (and shows the date too).
  6. I'd agree with this. His political stock has crashed and he will really find it hard to gather much support. I might cut his PIP a little from the present scenario (I think 15 would be much more realistic). Aidan
  7. Daniel, I think Governor Richardson's a likely runner (he's fifth on Washington Post.com's The Fix's list) and you might want to add Russ Feingold too (even though he's a really dark horse). Gov. Huckerbee is a pretty likely candidate too according to some. Aidan
  8. Really minor thing but hopefully this can be tackled in the next update - in the 2008 scenario Alabama has two governor endorsers. Other than that this continues to get better and better! Regards, Aidan
  9. Ronnie - I had a similar experience in a game I ran last night. I was playing as Edwards and I was winning my primary but we were behind the Republicans nationally. I offered the VP-ship to Romney and that made a massive difference - Gingrich won the nomination in the end and Romney brough a large number of his supporters with him it seems. Almost all Republican states went undecided that turn with a couple (incl. Florida) giving me an 8 point + lead. In the end I finished with a very nice 72% and every state but two or three (Idaho being one of them). Sadly no whitewashes as was possible in
  10. What I hope is that instead of the single attribute we get fully-formed VP figures. I'd love to see their political positions affect the support you get on this basis - a VP who is to your left or right could bring more voters with them but also weaken your appeal to your natural support whilst someone close to you will weaken your appeal. Can't wait to hear more though.
  11. A good selection of candidates with well-written bios and pictures. Couple of things strike me as odd - Vinnick is portrayed as being very much a popular, liberal Republican yet in the scenario he begins behind in the race and almost all of his policy positions are deeply unpopular. This should be contrasted with Santos who is maintaining some less mainstream views - particularly on issues such as teacher tenure. There could have been some more tailoring of the issues to the debates on the show. Slightly more weirdly is that the Democrats begin ahead in California. I say weirdly because the s
  12. Would be brilliant if you could send it to me @ sir_lurkalot@hotmail.com Regards, Aidan
  13. Would be very grateful if you could send me a copy @ sir_lurkalot@hotmail.com Cheers, Aidan
  14. I can't imagine using it but then again I know the electoral votes of each state fairly well and would find something similar useful in countries I know less well (so I would assume others with a lesser knowledge of the American political system might find it handy). Presumably though it's something that'd be hard to replicate for user scenarios. Regards, Aidan
  15. aidanbrack


    Aside from President Forever I seem to be finding the new games much harder to win - I figure I'm not using the themes properly so my question is, how does everyone else use them? I tend to choose 2-3 issues that are currently red or pink and wait until I've gained +2 on each before making speeches on them. Then I switch to different issues. Any advice or tips anyone can give me to making more of an impact with them? Many thanks, Aidan
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