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  1. Is there a way to edit candidates/seats like in previous versions?
  2. Ok, was able to use my sister's paypal account to pay so all is well. p.s I'm in this game!
  3. Is anybody able to re-upload this? It's says the file has expired or has been deleted.
  4. Hi, Is there any other way to pay? I can't use paypal as somebody else added my card to their account and paypal won't let me use that card even though I've proved to them it's my card.
  5. When I enter my email address in the update page it says it xan't find it. I sent an email to support about 4 or 5 weeks ago and didn't get a response. All I wanted to know is if it's a free update from 2007 version to 2010 or if I need to pay again.
  6. paulyt


    I've never noticed that. Normally I'm one to pick up on these things quickly.
  7. You should try targeting the Seats of Sydney, Bennelong, Melbourne and Cunningham. There's about 2 or 3 seats in the melbourne area where the Green's candidate starts at ariund 20%.
  8. The only time I've ever been able to win seats with the Greens is to edit the scenario and make them have higher starting percentages, giving Brown more money and higher points, changing the views of areas etc.
  9. paulyt


    The only screenshot I have is getting 88 seats/48% with Labour. I have got higher though.
  10. I agree about the senate. That's the only thing that's missing from the Australian version.
  11. Yeah you can camapign in individual electorates.
  12. That's done state-by-state in the Aussie version.
  13. Yeah it goes down to all electorates in Aus and Canada.
  14. They'll probbly release a patch to fix it soon.
  15. Yeah I've seen it in both. Doesn't really bother me that much though.
  16. Do you have an idea on a date?
  17. I have the full version and for some reason I have to have all parties on or it doesn't work I wanted to have Greens V Labor or Greens V Liberals or Nationals V Labor but I have to have all of them on or it says index out of bounds and goes to the Amrican version but I can't do anything. Is there anyway I can make it so I can turn off parties?
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