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  1. Interesting, let's look at my badge.
  2. We will never know if Biden had lost or not, but I find it highly interesting that this collusion, which cannot be denied by any means, is tolerated and rarely spoken about. That was quite telling... remember what The Times said about 'fortifying' an election. That's not much different to countries like Hungary in which the media is effectively the mouthpiece of one party touted by some as leading a regime. What if Big Tech had colluded to pave the way for Trump winning again? I guess the interest in media reports and Twitter was overall higher and clicks are what's selling best. I don't think we would ignore that collusion, even if it was legal, by now as well.
  3. Trump beats everyone in the 1st question. The Rock gave me the most headache, but I decided by the way figuring out, that I approved of the majority of Trump's administration work. I am not sure how The Rock would govern. If he governed nearly as Trump without having a doubtful character I'd support him. He's likeable and cool. The 2nd one was easy. A Tom Cotton led ticket (maybe with Sen. Tim Scott as VP) would be my dream ticket right now. I chose Manchin over The Rock, but again just because I have no idea of his ideas to govern successfully. Lastly Cotton beats everyone and I am deciding the most by social policy and domestic issue positions.
  4. One thing I'd like to add to celebrities as politicians is, I'd find it interesting if a moderate Matthew McConaughey ran for Texas governor. However, Meghan Markle on the other hand comes off as having a very annoying attitude, so this issue really depends on the person itself not their status of being a celebrity. Like a decade ago, I had approved of George Clooney running for president - not to support him, but at least it had been interesting. That was the time when Clooney or Al Gore were the people on the forefront of climate activism. Since Fridays for Future the whole thing has gotten way worse...
  5. I support free Community colleges, so that person could attend such an institution as long as they constantly work properly for their success. I don't think we could get all people into top tier universities. That's not doable, but I wouldn't object if these colleges held annual entrance exams and choose like the top-10 people for a scholarship after they have proven not to be secretly rich. This tests should discriminate or promote any race of course.
  6. Basically as women having the same rights as men. I appreciate your thoughtful example, but look I'd be fine having a company with 100% black employees if these are the best people available. But hiring a certain group of people just to advance them is not what should be done I think. Skills should truly matter when hiring someone. I also don't like women needing less points on entry tests or something like that. First of all that seems like women or minorities are dumb and need assistance to achieve success and second of all I'd like all people to be treated the same way - fairly. That's achieved by giving everyone a fair and equal chance. When minorities and women are allowed to participate and when they need the same number of points as white men, equal chances are already achieved.
  7. I mostly approve of: Bipartisanship, Partisanship (both is at times a fundamental principal of poltics) The right to protest (the right to peaceful protest is crucial) Militarized politics (This kind of language and influence is necessary. You can' throw cotton balls at dictators for example) Moderates (they are often good to cool down the whole pack) Conservatism Traditionalism The term illegal immigrants Intellectualism Academics Celebrities as politicians (depends, but generally I believe they are able to bring good ideas to the table) Patriotism (if it's not insulting against other nations sure) The Establishment Religion in Politics LGBT equality, Women equality (sure, but I believe there is a lot of victimizing involved. There are countries in which gay people might get the death penalty, but some people for example are debating whether to call a doctor ''doctox'' to include all genders. That has nothing to do for me with achieving equality for anyone. We are already living in the most progressive age ever.) Military Intervention (that needs to be on the table with certain countries, when they become a threat to global peace) I mostly disapprove of: Cancel culture (It's idiotic not to watch football just because some people think they have to kneel... likewise it's weird to not buy Uncle Ben's rice if it tastes good and was bought for ages without complaining) Fact checkers, (I often feel they are biased) Social Equity, Racial Equity (that's just racism the other way round, like some college holding ceremonies just for one ethnic group... I thought we have moved rightly past racial segregation) Me Too Movement (On the whole I don't like activism very much. Surely a woman should be helped when facing a problem at her workplace but I don't think a Twitter campaign will help in any way. Some men might also be blamed falsely. That's dangerous.) Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter (I support both messages, but I think the groups, especially Black Lives Matter, does it wrong. I never heard of Blue Lives Matter protests, so I guess they behave better but still I don't like this activist notion) American Nationalism (I guess that's the worse form of patriotism) White Nationalism (no, we don't need nations made of whites. We need nations made of people with good character) Politicized Professional Sports (Yeah the whole MLB and NFL stuff is weird. Did MLB ever criticize China? No.), Alternative Facts (If these are lies I disapprove of them, if these are just inconvienent truths it's ok) Conspiracy Theories (no one needs them) Non-Partisanship (I disapprove of anarchism) MAGA (Make America Great) (The cult is a wrong notion, but the message itself isn't bad) Anti-fascism (Antifa) Social Media, The Media (Social Media is boring, the media people are mostly hypocrites) Protests, Protesters, (I usually don't like protests at all, they only bring chaos and rising tensions in society) Left-wing populism < Right-wing populism (but any form of populism is bad) Progressivism, Liberalism (economical it's fine, socially probably bad, I don't like ''legalizing it''), Never Trump Movement (nope that goes to far, and the Lincoln Project has lost any credibility by now...), Green New Deal, The term undocumented immigrants, Political correctness, Freedom to use whatever language you wish to use towards a demographic, even if it is insensitive (insulting some one is utterly wrong) Anti-Intellectualism, Internet "influencers" (one is probably a synonym for the other. I don't know about the situation in the US, but German speaking influencers are among the most annoying breed I can think of) Reformists, Anti-establishment, Slave Reparations (We can't blame this generation for the atrocities of the former)
  8. I thought long Cawthorn wouldn't be an issue and I disliked Gaetz already prior to his scandal more than average Republicans. I was very skeptical about both MTG and Boebert. However, Boebert has improved I think. I often read her tweets of which I dislike the frequent political use of this platform over all, but they are not as bad as I thought them to be. In general one can agree with what she says, even if it might not be in the right tone at times.
  9. I am very much against forced resignations until someone is convicted. Otherwise I'd strongly hope people had to courage to resign under enormous pressure.
  10. Oh yes poll time! I think Greitens's entry is a problem. The RNC should be committed to work against a primary win of him.
  11. Yeah but the popularity breakdown Walker > Collins > Loeffler seems pretty accurate Yeah for that reasons Walker wouldn't be my favorite. His likeability might be his biggest asset. However, I hope for Georgia Chief Justice Harold Melton to run. He is resigning his position on July 1st and I think there are only two reasons why he's doing so: 1. to prepare a candidacy for US Senate and 2. to allow Governor Kemp to give a Republican an incumbency bonus for the judicial election. Additionally the GOP can't be sure that Kemp gets re-elected, so stepping down now seems logical. B.J. Pak would also be a formidable candidate.
  12. Georgia Senate - Walker vs. Warnock Trafalgar/InsiderAdvantage Walker 48, Warnock 46 Walker +2 Georgia Senate - Collins vs. Warnock Trafalgar/InsiderAdvantage Warnock 46, Collins 45 Warnock +1 Georgia Senate - Loeffler vs. Warnock Trafalgar/InsiderAdvantage Warnock 46, Loeffler 41 Warnock +5 Georgia Republican Senate Primary: Walker vs. Loeffler vs. Collins Trafalgar/InsiderAdvantage Walker 33, Collins 33, Loeffler 24 Tie Georgia Republican Senate Primary: Walker vs. Collins Trafalgar/InsiderAdvantage Walker 50, Collins 36 Walker +14 Georgia Republican Senate Primary: Walker vs. Loeffler Trafalgar/InsiderAdvantage Walker 62, Loeffler 26 Walker +36 Georgia Republican Senate Primary: Collins vs. Loeffler Trafalgar/InsiderAdvantage Collins 52, Loeffler 32 Collins +20 Looks like Walker's the man!
  13. Yeah as a what-if option for sure. I believe Hawley has ruled out a bid already.
  14. We'll see. I wouldn't concede anything until all allegations of voter fraud are finally adequately addressed. However, the very same people who told us over the course of the last four years, that there was voter fraud, Russia etc., now deny any possibility of such things. If you care about free and fair elections be in favor of an audit. What do you have to lose?
  15. Well, Florida isn't much less. They still managed it quite timely Sounds like incompetence or fraud in some other states...
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