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  1. Two points I'd like to mention: @vcczar I don't care at all about lazy people graduating. If it's up to me they shall have their positive grade period. However, as stressed already I think the consequences for society as a whole will be devastating if too much (incompetent) people will hold degrees. Secondly, I also think there should be an evaluation done about what is taught in high schools etc. Too much important stuff is ignored nowadays. We for example never heard about the Civil War in our history classes in school. People should also read more valuable literature like Shakespe
  2. I remember noticing Billie Eilish was billed already as a star a while ago and I never heard of her until that. Well, I bet she isn't the type of role model children should have.
  3. It's good to see Lil Wayne doesn't care about what the mainstream wants.
  4. Memminger would be interested to run for Federalist Senate Leader (or Whip at least).
  5. I agree. Enthusiasm for Biden seems to be very low given the fact it needed Warren staying in the race and Bloomberg collapsing before Super Tuesday for Biden to stay relevant in the Democratic primaries.
  6. Ari Fleischer laid out the rational for supporting Trump over Biden despite some obvious flaws. "Washington politicians know how to posture perfectly, and Trump does not bother to posture at all. Biden is also offensive. His shocking allegation during the 2012 campaign that Republicans under Mitt Romney desired to place African Americans “back in chains” was one of the worst and lowest race baiting statements ever made, not to mention it was blatantly untrue. The media largely gave him a pass over this. I will not. There is a lot about his conflicts of interest that we do not know be
  7. Yeah, it was certainly an independent new point. Therefore I put it into a new paragraph
  8. Fair enough for the US, but it's different here. As said we are paying just 20€ per semester. I also dislike those about 5 people in each class occupying the last row, taking not part in any discussion while only being at their smartphone. These are the people who should leave I think.
  9. Your explained type of student is one of the worst certainly.
  10. But isn't there some truth in it? Many small business owners have problem to recruit apprentices. I'd say many people now at college could help there better.
  11. Probably work in branches which have problems to recruit young people.
  12. Thanks for a very explaining reply. One point specifically I need to refer to: of course poor people might be as or even more interested as rich people. That's certainly not a factor relevant here. However, my rational for tuition fees is, lazy people won't be eager to pay for staying at college just to stay there because they don't want to work, gain reputation or whatever. A degree nowadays becomes more or less the (higher) universal standard. And that's not the right way think. If you have like 99 BAs out of 100 people a BA doesn't mean something anymore.
  13. Yes, I agree in part here. Not attending university in Austria nowadays is probably considered as a negative point in one's CV. That's because you have barely any obstacles to get there. You don't even need to have completed the type of prep school (Gynasium) anymore. You can still make an admission exam and get your way into college. The standard here are state funded colleges, with a standard fee of just 20 bucks per semester. Smaller private colleges are considered not as prestigious because the experts are sitting at the University of Vienna (founded in 1365 and home to more than 90k
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