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  1. This won't satisfy progressives. I'd be ok with it, but I don't think Biden will choose any of them in the end. I view this a questionable move to lure some moderates into his pocket but I don't think it will pay off. Baker is popular in a state Biden wins anyway. Whitman is from CA and couldn't even win there. Jeff Flake chose not to run for re-election because a defeat seemed certain, so yeah I don't believe much people will switch to the Biden camp because he vets Flake. Dent is ''just'' a former rep who is not known very much outside of PA I guess. I don't know how popular Kasich is these
  2. It's awesome so far. I'd like to see a way to fast-forward dialogues to decisions without clicking. Perhaps spacebaring. I only saw three or four Supreme Court justices in detail. I hope they didn't ignore the others lol
  3. I have to stay up until midnight in order to register for a mandatory in-person meeting with a professor. I guess I know what game I'll try this evening
  4. New poll has Cotton leading 63-28. I am quite glad about that, since Cotton is among my most favorite senators.
  5. Internally yes, but according to the media no. The media had always found something to criticize about his handling.
  6. I'd say both NV and MN are possible to win for the GOP.
  7. 2. I believe polls are inaccurate but wouldn't label it as ''fake news propaganda''. 5. I don't think it will happen but I'd hope for "He will resign and let Pence handle being a "lame duck"''.
  8. That's the outcome of a liberal immigration policy we saw in Europe for years. The lasting impact of 2015 is still not overcome.
  9. I'd not argue Chancellor Kurz is left-wing, but still not very likeable.
  10. I wouldn't have voted for her. For me, Ardern is another one of those poseur politicians like Macron, Kurz or Sanna Marin for example.
  11. You know what I had to laugh about? Who needs a handshake from Justin Bieber, when you can have one from Mike Pence
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