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  1. I knew that graphic on Wikipedia actually. I just thought there was another one online I missed.
  2. Awesome post regarding the SC. Where to find the mentioned graph? I googled these words + Supreme Court but nothing showed up.
  3. Most importantly the Supreme Court also rejected an attempt to extend Wisconsin's mail-in voting deadline!
  4. If I were a US Senator joining such an organization is only acceptable for me when the US is leading the organization. No more dysfunctional organizations implementing their own rules.
  5. Let me know if you want to learn German
  6. I always have MA in my mind when you post, because of your Dukakis picture (keep it). I need to memorize you're in AZ actually hahaha Are you a Cardinals fan? Thanks hahaha I really hate energy drinks. Not even drinking Red Bull.
  7. Uh, I love Iceland and the Faroe Islands actually. Besides that Norway is my favorite in Scandinavia.
  8. So let me ask you guys this. How old are you? 24 years old Do you like Mountain Dew? Absolutely no. Have you played Mass Effect? No. Ever been to Arizona? No, sadly not yet. Got a letter from Scottsdale and also some Arizona Cardinals merch tough. Ideal place to live? As someone who has started to explore the world with his first atlas in the age of five, had a Japanese favorite singer around the same age and watched the 2004 presidential election coverage on CNN in the age of 8 years, I am probably too internationalist to break that down, I fear. Currently I tend to say to
  9. Nope. The only US television channel I have is CNN. Perhaps my cable TV package is just lame, but I do have BBC, France24, RaiUno and various German TV channels. I also have a Polish and a Turkish channel, but I don't understand them anyway. Anyway, my Internet seems completely open lol (however, some regional US newspaper websites tell me I can't visit them because of the EU's data protection law blah blah blah)
  10. I'll watch it on CNN, because I don't have Fox News here.
  11. Maybe they borrowed the tools and materials from the lizard people. Who knows.
  12. I have to make one post before that happens
  13. Yes, I do think Trump could lead in many more states than expected on election night, because the postal votes will be counted later in some states (at least PA from what I know)
  14. True. I really hope John James wins. He could serve as an inspiration for so many people.
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