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  1. Not enough...then again if asked how much free time I had, I'd respond the same way: not enough.
  2. MattyN

    2008 images

    Yea, welcome back. I don't think I actually made a 2008 scenario...that I ever posted.
  3. Interesting...now, I want to see someone beat Reagan...as Anderson!
  4. Yea, I know how that is. It's fun, but buggy as hell. I've found an odd one where I boost my popularity with an event...and the other character gets boosted. THEN when it came to the debates, I was controling the other character instead of the one I selected, (who happened to be me).
  5. This isn't bash on Dennis thread...this is a help Dennis thread. There's a whole section on "Creating Scenarios." I'd suggest starting there, walking through that and when you have specific questions, come back and pose them to us.
  6. It's true...I've started moving some Candadian political threads our of the PF section.
  7. Locked Officially spammy.
  8. Ok, we're going to close this thread. If you want to join his site, then join his site. If not, then don't. Don't really see the need for too many comments on the issue. And for future, if you're here just to post your link, I'm going to lock your thread. I.e. people who just joined and post a link to their site...I'm going to lock those threads. Locked
  9. 2 things to check: Power of the "party," set all of them equal, preferably to 5 unless there is a notably weaker candidate Candidate loyalty
  10. True, not swearing always helps. I don't control the language filters...and I don't see it as a big problem as people don't throw around curses very often around here, from what I've seen.
  11. Example Issues: Racism The Glove Media Effect on Jury Johnny Chocran
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