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  1. I finally updated this scenario again. I have added a few new Democratic candidates, shifted %'s and attributes and updated all endorsers. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/01/06/united-states-2020/
  2. I am a huge critic of Sanders, and feel that his outside meddling is a danger to Democrats ever winning back a majority in either house... but he will stay in this scenario. Really no chance he runs, so I will leave him off, but there is no reason to remove him.
  3. For the sake of being economical with space, I am moving the change-log to here: V 1.7.1 Sen. David Vitter -> Sen. John Neely Kennedy V 1.7 This version adds a newspaper of record as an endorser for every state that didn't already have one in the game (Iowa and New York). This adds a total of 48 new endorsers. V 1.6.1 New Democratic Debate- 04/16/2020 Trump's VP is now always Pence V 1.6 New Candidates -Democrats Fmr. Gov. Lincoln Chafee New VP's-Democrats Gov. Roy Cooper Gov. John Bel Edwards F
  4. Posted 1.2 http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/01/06/united-states-2020-v-1-0/
  5. Some of the surrogate highlights: Added Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Republicans hold on to a couple difficult Governorships in Maryland and Vermont while losing several others in New Mexico, Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Maine, Michigan and Florida. They hold on to the rest of their seats. Democrats counter with the above-mentioned gains and hold on to Louisiana. Same way GOP holds onto Maryland and Vermont= unless something gets thrown in, those candidates are fairly popular/moderate and basically scandal free. Democrats fall short in some competitive-ish states like Ge
  6. Decided I am going to get in on the barrage of individuals creating 2020 campaigns. First off, this campaign won't have events. It's a future campaign so we won't know what events will take place in the future. The events were designed to be external and not internal events to the campaign. That's my main issue with how some people have been incorperating events into 2020, 2016, and other campaigns. Here are the candidates I have thus far: GOP: Pres. Trump Sen. Cruz Gov. Kasich Sen. Paul Sen. Ernst Dem: Sen. Klobuchar Sen. Booker
  7. Here are the results playing as Trump/Gingrich vs Clinton/Vilsack including the csv 2020 ClintonTrumpt2.csv
  8. Well Texas going blue here by ~8% when the national margin is 15.1% is reasonably consistent, particularly with Castro as a running mate. I am going to run the same scenario as Trump this time and see how I can make things play out.
  9. Here was the final result of my Clinton/Castro v. Trump/Gingrich: *See the CSV attachment for state-by-state numbers* 2020 ClintonTrump.csv
  10. I am now in August. Update on Utah: Trump: 32.8% Ventura 20.8% Stein: 17.3% Clinton 14.8%
  11. Playing through the scenario now for a third time (different challenger to DJT each time) and decided to do a 2016 rematch. (I turned Johnson off since he has said he won't run again) Going into the Democratic convention, DJT is imploding. Clinton isn't doing especially well, Trump's numbers are just terrible. Libertarian nominee, Ventura, is actually leading in Utah. 19% Ventura-17.1% Trump-15.3% Clinton-15.3% Stein. Nationally it is Clinton 53% Trump 29.8% Ventura 3.3% Stein 1.4%
  12. You should let Gov. Edwards be available at the beginning with the rest of the Governors. In the 2016 scenario, he didn't appear til after the 2015 Gubernatorial election as he wasn't Governor until then.
  13. I still don't see any chance what so ever of Warren running. Not just because of her age, either. (She would be 71)
  14. Agree there for the most part, though maybe for different reasons. Cruz replacing DJT on the 2020 would anger Trump's midwest base. Though, they are the type of voters that may abandon Trump in 2020 if he isn't able to achieve much of his promised agenda. But, on that same note, those same voters could be encouraged by Cruz promising to deliver on those promises DJT broke. Doubtful though since those voters aren't really THAT conservative. But, yeah, if Harris wins AZ, MS, TN, & MS: She would win GA and SC. It's not the high African American vote as much as how well the Democrat d
  15. The problem with adding the congressional districts in the engine as it exists is that they have to be independent of each other. For example, campaigning in ME2 not only affects ME2, but ME statewide as ME is half-ish of the ME electorate. That would effect the 1 statewide EV. I would say to probably leave that alone until there is a mechanism in the engine to accommodate NE & ME.
  16. Election day needs to be changed from the 8th to the 3rd.
  17. Not sure I see AZ or MT as extremely in play for 2018. (Though, who knows what the first two years of Trump could look like) Flake is probably safe so long as he shakes off a primary challenge. Tester probably has a decent shot at winning reelection. Bullock kept his Governorship in 16, by 3.8%, despite Trump carrying the state by 20.5%. Dem's probably have the most difficult holds in ND & IN. Though, it's unclear who the GOP will pick in IN in 2018. Heitkamp could very well hold on. Dems won IN in 2012 because the GOP put up a candidate that imploded. The GOP didn't put up a perfe
  18. I'm a registered Democrat in Minnesota. We don't have to party register here though. Primaries you can vote here without party registration. (You get one large ballot with 3 columns and you then decide which party you will be voting in that primary for. No jumping around) For caucuses, you don't have to be registered as the party, you just have to "generally support the platform of the party" you are caucusing with.
  19. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/02/08/nevada-senate-2016-beta/ It has quite a few problems but here is a start...
  20. yay! Looking forward to my home state of Minnesota! I think a 2008 Coleman v Franken election would be fun. Or a 2010 Governor's race of Dayton v Emmer. Both EXTREMELY close races.
  21. There is a fundraising coefficient in the scenario xml.
  22. I just uploaded 3.2 This adjusts Democratic primary percentages in the states where there were primaries. Also makes another minor change with endorser momentum. Also changed Johnson's issue position of civil-rights. Would appreciate any specific suggestions you would have about new issues or rewritten issue positions.
  23. ha, the two trolls that picked Gilmore. Clinton/Trump/Democrats
  24. I just uploaded 3.0 which includes a laundry list of bug and other fixes that were really bothering me. I am still willing to take any suggestions here. My main focus is still the 2000 scenario, but I am willing to put more into this if I get the suggestions.
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