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  1. Nice work! It's quite fun to play for NCP, however.
  2. vjw

    1982 - Alberta

    So, I decided to help @daons with Alberta and I'm sure it will be good for all of us here. Alberta's economy is collapsing under the weight of Trudeau's National Energy Program (NEP), which is taking a large portion of Alberta's oil and gas profits. Alberta separatism, and the Western Canada Concept party is looking for a breakthrough. Can Peter Lougheed steer the PCs through Alberta's volatile political mood and to another huge majority? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/04/29/1982-alberta/
  3. vjw

    Ireland - 1918

    Tysm! Currently I'm working on Alberta 1982 and below, but stay tuned with original scenarios. I think they'll interest you no less!
  4. vjw

    2004 - Alberta

    He's going to make scenarios for 2001, 1998 and so on. Meanwhile, I'm currently working on 1982, after which I plan to go into the past (at least till 1967)
  5. vjw

    Ireland - 1918

    So, I'm breaking into the forum with Irish scenario. 1918 was a key year, that determined the further history of Ireland. So far, for 8 years, nationalists have tried unsuccessfully to fight for the Home Rule Act, Sinn Fein has gained immense popularity, which is necessary for radical actions. Also in these elections there was a noticeable change of generations: the old moderate electorate was replaced by young, determined men and women. Anyway, turning times are coming to Ireland. Over the last 8 years, much has been done to dramatically change society's views on the future. Will post-wa
  6. vjw

    Old Demos

    I definitely support it. Who else remembers PM4E 2004?
  7. vjw

    EU 2015

    ivasyuk.vasil@yandex.ua Send scenario.
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