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  1. Fantastic! I look forward to it, thanks for your work.
  2. Good to see some other Australians on here, I'd love to play a Victoria 2018 scenario. The Green insurgency seems to be the most interesting factor there, and whether they can snatch up enough Labor seats around Melbourne to force a balance of power on an otherwise mildly successful first-term government. I expect Daniel Andrews to win a second term, but the Liberals have a massive spending warchest and are deploying sophisticated new voter-tracking software which has been helping Liberals win in Australia lately. Not sure exactly how to implement that into a scenario, I suppose it would
  3. Preferential voting (Pleeease). I bought Prime Minister Forever - Australia 2013 back in the day and loved it. I just bought Prime Minister Infinity - UK (Because it came packaged with an Australia 2016 scenario) but without preferential voting it produces some pretty bizarre / unrealistic outcomes, it's more of a thought-experiment than a sim / game right now. I can see how much work has been put into the game engine since I played back in 2013-14, so many areas have seen improvements. I look forward to playing it and poking around in the scenario editor once again (There are some Austra
  4. Seems correct to me, and apparently I've been trending left as I age. Although I have weird / alternative views on specific issues that tend not to fit established parties on my side of the compass. Roughly: fully automated luxury communism. Pretty impressive diversity of views here.
  5. Top of my wishlist would be a drop down list so we can choose a region's electoral system. We can already set the number of seats per electorate so it seems a logical extension. So we could have: Denison Eligible voters: 71349 Seats: 5 Electoral System: Proportional Representation Combined with the ability to create and delete regions, this would allow for some pretty wicked Australian state election mods.
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