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  1. Can you possibly send me the updated version? tobiasp1@netzero.net
  2. Its really well done and realistic, easily the best user made scenario ive played, and ive played a lot...
  3. Im sorry i just dont understand how to download this thing, can someone help?
  4. I dont understand the blank file. so yeah, it doesn't work.
  5. is this done? i'd love a copy tobiasp1@netzero.net
  6. Hi, i'd absolutely love a copy of this, thanks. tobiasp1@netzero.net
  7. no, but i have been getting an error that at the end of congressional election nights instead of the high score screen poping up when you click X, you get an error message. This is only if you win
  8. hey i'd love a copy of this scenerio tobiasp1@netzero.net
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