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  1. A feature that would be great would be change of issues as the election goes on, so if something huge happens like if crime becomes an issue it will become an issue and either add on to the list of replace an unimportant issue like campaign fianance reform.
  2. You kidding? Thats accually a very good startegy that you are pulling off to bring up your posts per day. LOL I used that strategy years back. Funny thing is you are quoting a post I made.
  3. Ive got an idea for a future version of the primary version. When it is convention time you can type up speeches for the convention, choose who you want to speak, the music from the game or computer. Just an idea, PS: I also posted this in game Developer's Log.
  4. yeah plus it would better in local sceneros like "mayor matthews cheats on wife, more to come" or stuff like that
  5. Yeah plus 315 even for Bill Clinton is hard to carry
  6. Could you also send it to me tobiasp1@netzero.net or tobiasp1@netzero.com (does not matter which ever one you prefer)
  7. Recount Network Terror Alert Level More Partys Elections Be President then do re election
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