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  1. Starting to make some progress... but not enough to play the game. On my MacBookPro11,3 I can now start a game, and play through normally... until about mid-November 2015, at which point the game craps out with an "out of memory" error. Also, trying to manage TV ads or state-level endorsers from the state screens causes a crash. So it's now totally frustrating... so close to being able to play... but still so buggy that I can't even make it to Iowa. Also, I kind of hate having to play day by day by day. I don't want games to take 4 hours to play because there are 400 turns.
  2. I have the same error as some of the folks above: I get to the candidate selection screen and click to start the game. I then get the first "Turn Summary" screen. I click "Ok", and then nothing loads. Alas. 15" Retina MacBook Pro -- MacBookPro11,3 OS X 10.9.3
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