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  1. Hi Anthony, [Note: I've added numerals to this post - Admin] [1.] I was only able to choose my VP after the convention. The Button vor VP selection appeared and I could choose between Gray ore None, but I wasn't able to offer the VP position to Johnson because the game told me that I can only offer the VP slot to a player if I have locked the nomination. So there seems to be a bug in the logic that determines if you have locked the nomination or not. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Hnkf76J [2.] When I hit the button get on the ballot in Michigan and Oklahoma the game told me I could not work
  2. Might be the same error that I have found when the sound option is turned on. See here: http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=11767&page=2#entry187632
  3. Hi Anthony! I can also confirm that this bug was fixed. I have a list of bugs I found while playing the 2016 campaign, independent as Jesse Venture with Primaries against Johnson. I have sorted the bugs into categories to make tracking easier: Game breakers/crashes - If I have the sound option turned on the game will continuously grab more memory until it crashes with memory errors after hogging about 1,3GB. Turning sound off fixes this issue - memory usage about 250MB constant. (MacBook Pro Mid 2012 - more info on request if you need it) - When I'm in the strategic view of a state and cli
  4. http://i.imgur.com/dmfhzEB.png That's the error message. I get it with every campaign and can't start the game. So for now that's all feedback I'm able to give for this beta build.
  5. I get the same error on my austrian macbook pro 13". Well not exactly the same since the error is in german I guess it might have something to do with localization and how floating numbers are shown and handled. In Austria we use 0,1 and the US uses 0.1. So maybe there's some code that explicitly uses the 0.1 format for handling a floating point operation which causes it to crash on all non-US localizations.
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