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  1. New poll in light of the fact that Fmr Pres. Trump is the only president in US history to have accomplished all of these.
  2. That’s nice of you to do. Yeah, it was terrible at the time, but I got over it really quickly. I think it’s because I had so many hobbies and interests that it was easy to move on. I feel like I was just massively upset for 30 minutes, mainly about him not telling me. I would have given them to him if he asked or gave him something else to sell. I think he picked them because he dropped me off to the comic book store so often and talked to the boss occasionally. I liked some DC characters but rarely the comic books about them. I liked the hybrid Marvel vs DC comics. I had some of tho
  3. I had a huge comic book phase in like 4th grade through early high school. This was before comics became popular with the main stream and all those superhero movies started coming out. My dad, who had been a millionaire, was living paycheck-to-paycheck by the time I was in high school. He sold my large collection of comic books for gas money without telling me. After that I never went back to comics mainly because I didn't want to start over building up my collection again. I can't get into any of the movies because there's so many cliches and so much predictability. I'd prefer that new superh
  4. I really don't think the diversity within America is really great enough to be "like having a world government for itself." That may have been the case at a time. Regional divides have mostly been replaced by Rural vs Urban; Small town vs Large City; etc. It's trans-regional rather than geographical in the North-South, East-West sense. You also have so many people moving now for work that people identify with a state or region less often than was previously the case. I definitely feel trans-regional, I was born and raised in TX, spent 5 years in NYC, 4 years in PA, and I'll probably be s
  5. I imagine it being something akin to the US, except the world gov is the federal gov, and the countries or regions are now states, and the next level is like countries, and the counties are like cities, and so on. I don't imagine an Emperor Palpatine total control authority at all. I always imagine something like Star Trek, which I believe was a committee executive or a council. I think the only way to not piss most countries off would have this committee chosen randomly among the regional/country representatives (no region can have two executives at a time) rather than by a popular vote, whic
  6. Basically, no central authority, whether federal, state, or local. Law of nature. Think Wild West. Law might be enforced by a majority on agreement but nothing official or constitutionalized.
  7. It's a fairness-based investment. My motive is two-fold. Fairness and investment. I'm focusing on fairness (or unfairness) on why someone didn't get a job, you're focusing on reasons why people don't get a job in general. I'm being restrictive, and you're being universal. In regards to strengths of handicapped people, I'm arguing from the stand point that these people often can't showcase their strengths because their disabilities don't allow them to get--literally and figuratively--in the door.
  8. I don't think all of those things group together. A person that is weak at math might have strengths elsewhere that can help them succeed in life. A handicap can be a more global problem for a person. I also think there's a clear difference between a fat person and a handicapped person. A fat person can lose weight on their own with relative ease so long as one makes a strong, consistent effort. A person that is in a wheelchair can't really do much to alleviate their issue other than find work at a place that allows reasonable accommodations. I think you have the idea (and maybe I'm wrong) th
  9. That's one way to go about "fairness," but there could be ways to fulfill the goal that doesn't require wealth redistribution. Personally, I'm not interested in punishing rich people for being rich unless they're becoming rich through illegal or unethical means. If what needs leveling -- education attainment, employment, access to healthcare, etc. can be achieved through other means I'll support it it most likely. I always think income-based payment systems are a good way to go. Income-based tuition, income-based healthcare, building free job seeking and employment services that can be reach b
  10. I've never lived in the Communist country, so you might want to ask someone that has. I know America is a capitalist country that does employ policies common among socialist theory.
  11. I'm using an example of where "fairness" can be applied. I care about the unemployed person from outside that community just as much. I also think they should get "fairness" based services aimed to help them success if their lack of success is due to something systematic or because of something that was outside of their control. Nowhere have I said it would be exclusive to this one group, which is only being used as one example of where the idea of "fairness" should be applied. I'm using my example because this is a stereotype of those that receive benefits. I'm technically unemployed ri
  12. I'm saying "fairness" is leveling the playing field. Giving those in need what they need to have the same chance of success as those not in need. That is, if a huge barrier to employment for wheel-chair bound people is just being able to get in the building, you build a ramp. If a community has systemic high unemployment because those born there often can't afford college education, nice clothes for an interview or for work, job training, healthcare to stay healthy so they can work, etc., then that need is recognized and a reasonable effort is made to make the situation fairer for them since t
  13. It's unfair if it is systemic losing. Obviously, if it's just a one-season thing, then it might not be an issue. The sport example probably isn't good because it's just a game. That's my mistake. A better example would probably be applied to social situations, such as giving benefits and subsidies to poor communities that have been struggling despite legal equality for generations.
  14. This is kind of what I mean by fair. By equal, they would be given the same amount. This system is fairer because your 6-year old needs more food to for his health and energy-level to having the same chance of functioning as well as your two-year old. For your sport analogy, a "fair" system would determine why that one team keeps winning, or more accurately, why the other team can't succeed. Special rules or regulations would apply to level the competition in this example. Perhaps one team is just faster because their team has the money to provide their players with some sort of enhancin
  15. My main reason for supporting World Government is that I think most wars are fought between nations because of old rivalries, over resources, trade, religious reasons etc. Perhaps, I'm optimistic in thinking removing borders completely and having a yearly-rotating committee of World Leaders would diminish the number of wars to almost zero, would be better able to shift resources, workers, etc. I think Star Trek just really converted me to a Utopia of a World Government when I was a little kid, specifically ST: TNG. Naturally, it could go bad too. For instance, I wouldn't want a world gov
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