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  1. While to a much lesser degree (and only through excel spreadsheets), I've had to deal with a shade of this every time I've updated/improved the game I've been working on. The huge overhauls are certainly time-consuming and tedious.
  2. Yeah, the downside to the era of Steam is that we get a proliferation of unfinished or shoddy games with a lot of potential. Seems like 30% of the games I get are abandoned. The other thing I noticed is that there’s a huge divide between game makers that routinely engage with their fan base and those that largely ignore them. The latter are those most likely to abandon the games, I’ve noticed. Those that seem as excited as their fans are seem to meet their goals and produce a polished product. I think Steam also has a lot of inexperienced and young developers who jump from idea to idea or end
  3. It's from Twitter. You can look at his last few posts from 6 hours ago. But I can copy+paste them all here for your info. I'm kind of getting tired of his analysis. He's becoming less insightful over time. I wonder if he's drinking or getting lazy or something. I find myself wishing more and more that he'd stop saying something bordering to clever. He seems to be on the verge of saying something, but then has a sort of hesitancy as if he's embarrassed to give any sort of decisive thought or opinion. Basically, I think he says a lot of things in an attempt to get others to finish his thoughts.
  4. I largely ignore Nate Silver now, but I thought this was an interesting post he made: “Part of the issue for Republicans is that they don't have a lot of examples of recent electoral successes apart from Trump. But Trump wasn't really that successful; one-termer who barely beat a flawed opponent (HRC), plus lost Congress despite GOP structural advantages.”
  5. I just finished a book entitled White Trash that was written in 2016. While most books in the 21st century cover inequality/inequity focus on the black experience, this one covers those often called “white trash,” “poor whites,” “hillbillies,” “rednecks,” “mudsills,” “squatters,” etc. The book argues that a US class system exists today and has existed since European colonization. It also argues that most people not of this class have no interest in helping this class achieve upward mobility. This group is defined primarily by these traits: Mostly European ancestry, and p
  6. I think Cheney will be easier to knock out than Murkowski. I kind of want Trump to run for the US House but then lose. That would be hilarious.
  7. I'm wondering if he would even win election to the US House? Which district will he be running in? Imagine he runs and then loses? Also, considering how unpopular Congress routinely is and Speakers are specifically, I doubt this will make Trump more likable or more electable. Assuming the GOP takes the House, it will be by a small margin and Dems might get enough GOP reps to not support Trump so that Pelosi or whomever is Speaker despite being the minority party. Would Kevin McCarthy even step aside for Trump? I also don't think Trump would be willing to go from Pres to US Re
  8. He was routinely temp banned for getting in bad faith arguments with people. Part of me really likes Patine, but it lowered a lot of blood pressure by removing him. Ultimately, he threatened a law suit against Anthony for Anthony banning him. I think Anthony had full right to perm ban someone that would suggest that, Patine or otherwise. It was a crazy time. Something like 80%--possibly more--of the regular forum users (those that signed on multiple times a day and posted frequently) left this forum over forum fights, mainly focused on a different forum user who I won't name but who was
  9. Patine was banned.
  10. No, not really. I think Trump could have made the GOP make some inroads with urban voters, considering he's from NYC and is very much a big city person. However, he framed himself as a sort of small town hero not from Northeastern wealth establishment. I really don't see the GOP evolving much so long as the EC is in place. It might require them losing the PV in 2024 and 2028 or Texas flipping Blue. Democrats also don't have an incentive to evolve. They're the more popular party and have been since 1992 with Clinton (with only GW Bush winning the PV once in 2004). So they'll likely stay a
  11. I think the platform changes for Republicans would make them more palatable. Currently they can win by catering to a minority--albeit a very vocal and politically active minority. I don't think the Democrats have to change much with an abolished EC unless Republicans start draining urban votes and minority votes. I think an updated Rockefeller Republican Party, one that is a little more populist and less military interventionist, would force Democrats to make some huge adjustments to their national platform, although I'm not sure what these adjustments would be. I'm not sure if they'd just go
  12. @Anthony_270 In regards to Trump doing relatively better with Hispanics and African-Americans. Yeah, it is a little odd that Trump improved his numbers for this demographic from 2016. I'm not sure what explains this, at least for black voters. The % are kind of hard to compare considering 3rd party voting went way down and overall voter participation went way up. Nevertheless, Democrats won these demographics by their usual large margin. The BLM protests were louder after 2016 than before. While he made some inroads with blacks, he probably further alienated those that didn't vote for hi
  13. Here's my top 3 dislike for GW Bush: 1. Unnecessary military intervention in Iraq. 2. Knee-jerk acceptance and promotion of the Patriot Act, although parts of it were probably necessary. 3. General incompetence in handling domestic emergencies (Great Recession, Hurricane Katrina....and Patriot Act overlaps in this are as well). Here's my top 3 dislike list for Trump: 1. Blatant insensitivity to minorities, including immigrants (poor response to Charlottesville, BLM, language and behavior towards women, family separation policy towards immigrants, etc. etc., etc.)
  14. This is basically my list for GW Bush too. My list for Trump is probably longer but less explosive. I'll type it out when I have time. I borrowed it from literary critic Harold Bloom, who used it in his book Genius to describe novelist Ernest Hemingway.
  15. I agree that if Trump does run that he has a higher chance of winning than if, say, Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz runs. I just think Trump is only 50% likely to run. Trump was not the only GOP candidate that would have beat Hillary Clinton. She did as well as she did because people don't like Trump either. If Trump was one of the best presidents he wouldn't have lost to an old man that didn't even have to campaign to defeat him. Period. He would have also hit 50% average approval at least for a second. He never did. He's unpopular. Most people don't like him. He is a defeated incumbent. Th
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