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  1. Recently downloaed the new update for President Infinity, looks very enjoyable with all the new candidates yet I seem to be having some performance issues. Takes 1-2 seconds to move to states and get up new screens where as before it was effortless, seems to crash after 4-5 turns becoming unresponsive. Is this because it's in the testing stage? Never had any problems before on President Forever, Thanks
  2. I think it may be added to the next update but I'd like the ability to negotiate more in depth with other candidates e.g offering cabinet postions
  3. I just noticed that Joe Biden can be a VP pick for 2016, I know this is legally possible since there are no term limits but I just couldn't see a 74 two term VP being asked to carry on in any circumstances, I understand that it could be in place for alternative 2016 campaigns ( if Obama lost 2012) but it just seems annoying that he's getting picked when it simply wouldn't happen
  4. aha pretty much hits the nail on the head, you should be most concerned when you have all states projected towards you in the primary, it takes one person to withdraw for it to all change. That's why Clinton never seems to win the primaries because everyone goes against her
  5. That's pretty impressive, I managed to get California and New York as Rand Paul. it's a strange old world but it keeps the game exciting, other election games end up dying after a couple of turns because it's just a battle for one swing state.
  6. Can't you keep your surrogates off automatic? I didn't even realize that they showed up on the general election but that's because I completely ignore them for the whole game
  7. This sounds very good, being a brit I would absolutely love this. The idea about comparative ads is a very good idea, especially since it is very much the focus with any negative ad because unless it's a scandal smearing needs to have an element of what your side would do better. This sounds great
  8. I always run them locally because it's so much easier to manage, I mean the key in the primaries is working out what states to invest in and which to only visit once or twice.
  9. Blair2015


    I've got virtually no life so I go all out, I just know what states you need to win in the primaries and once you get a couple of people to withdraw and endorse you then it's a lot quicker. My Biden game against O'Malley and Clinton took a lot longer but I managed to do Romney in about 5 hours last night. Ads really only do so much, it's much better to use surrogates to barnstorm
  10. It was a mistake on my part, I was unable to find the senate endorsers because they're on a different page to the governors but I was able to in the end
  11. Blair2015


    I know how you feel, I always say I'll just start the primaries then I end up finishing the whole election 5 hours later
  12. Will be fun to try this with Rockefeller, thanks
  13. Blair2015


    I had the problem the first time I played through- the best bet is to use your PIP to get people who are leaning your way at the start but only in places like New Hampshire to get the nomination.Just cotinue with your campaign and once endorsers get to 95 use CP points and you can win them over in 3 terms. You get 10 more at the general election and by then you should have got all the endorsements from the primaries. Really the key is to use them wisely- don't spend 10 trying to get a republican governor if your a dem. Only use them on key states like Ohio. It's a very fine art to master just
  14. Hi all, I was looking through the campaign which is very in-depth so that I could play on from my 2016 election of Joe Biden and see how 2020 would turn out, I've included a number of future issues that may be national issue in 7 years (federal attitude towards cannabis, Stem cell research, fracking). However whilst I was able to edit the governors to remove and change some of them for 2020 I was unable to change the senators which is quite annoying considering I've got Tim Kaine as VP. I was just wondering if you could change the senators in the scenario to help with endorsements? Thanks
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