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  1. My apologies. Looks like it was my machine because now I can't recreate it. Happened last night even after a reboot. But now it works just fine. Sorry about that, guys.
  2. Thought it just might be my workstation, so I rebooted it. The same problem occurred. Actually, I started noticing it when I was playing the game. As I navigated from page to page, I noticed that my workstation would every so often sound an irritating *DING* noise when I opened a page.....quickly determined that it thought I was double-clicking and that the *DING* was for the second click. Rebooted and started a new game. Same thing. When I click around the map (not even quickly), sometimes the state gets highlighted, other times the Electoral Vote Info window pops up. Very strange. And like
  3. Has anyone noticed an issue with P4E16 v1.5.4 involving clicking the mouse? Occasionally, a single-click of the mouse will be treated as a double-click. Try quickly clicking from state to state around the map for about 30 seconds. Like I said, occasionally, you'll see the single-click treated as a double-click and the state's Electoral Vote Info window will pop up. I don't remember seeing this issue with v1.5.2. It's only since I updated to v1.5.4 that I've seen it.
  4. Hi, I recently upgraded President Forever 2016 v1.5.2 to v1.5.4. Once I did, my save file from 1.5.2 would no longer load. I received an error complaining that NULL was not a valid integer value. Is this going to potentially be an issue whenever I upgrade? I just don't want to get far into a game and then lose it when I apply the next set of updates. Thanks!
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