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  1. Alabama is very different. NBC News visited a town here, and could not find a single person that believes any of the allegations.
  2. A very accurate polling agency here in AL has him at 11 points ahead of his Democrat challenger. This poll was taken after the WaPo story that was published. I cannot find the article that quoted the polling
  3. I am not sure if you are from Alabama, but according to a email blast sent out by the Chairwoman of the Alabama Republican Party, Moore has gotten a lot of support of the last few days. And trying to replace him will eliminate any chances of a Republican winning the seat. Something to think about.
  4. Judge Moore has served the public for more than 40 years. Vietnam veteran, District Attorney, Probate Judge, and Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Not once, did these allegations show up! This is a coordinated hit job being pushed by Democrats and establishment Republicans. Those very people telling Moore to stand aside- did they tell John McCain to step aside back in '08? Did these people tell Hillary Clinton to step aside, when it was revealed she silenced the women victim of her husband's antics? Did these very same people cry for Hillary to step aside when information showed she
  5. The truth will come out. And I hope that whoever paid those women to fabricate the lies, will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/mark-levin-exposes-wapo-hit-piece-judge-moore-complete-fabrication/
  6. From someone that personally knows the woman making the accusations: "she has went to various churches within our denomination and accused at least three other pastors besides an uncle of ours, making sexual advances at her. Each time that she brought it to the District board for Alabama they found her to be uncredible and she changed her story many times. Additionally, she tried to sue a pastor in one of the sections within our denomination and the Circuit Judge would not hear the case. This was around 2007 this particular incident took place." "Our section Presbyter has been no
  7. I agree with your sentiments. Residing in Alabama, I and many others come to know Roy Moore as a honest and hard-working man. He's been in public service for 40 years now, and every year of those 40 years he has been met with resistance. Resistance that has sought to keep him out of office, by lying and slandering Roy Moore to high Heaven and back. Out of all campaigns I have witnessed both here in AL and across the nation, the smear tactics against Moore is by far the most negative and false in modern political history. They lied about his position and the money he received from his foundatio
  8. In the event that such evidence would be manufactured in an attempt to throw the Trump regime out of office, I believe it is nowhere near enough to sway the election to his favor. I cannot imagine President Trump going to Russia and saying, "I need you to create fake votes"and enough votes to win the election. The majority of the voting issues reported had more to do with Republican votes being switched to Democrat votes. In fact, the USA has one of the most sufficient and highly equipped cyber security measures in the world. To suggest that a country such as Russia, would be able to breach su
  9. 1. Pat Buchanan. Probably Ross Perot again in the general. 2. "He lied under oath, and conducted himself in a non-presidential way with his affairs. He should be impeached, convicted and removed from office." 3. "Bias Republican - The Republicans have taken the house in a historic victory. As such, the people clearly favor Republican leadership. They are counting on us to block Democratic initiatives that their representative disapprove of, even if it means shutting down government. We want limited government after all."
  10. 1. Pat Buchana. Ross Perot in the general election. 2. Option # 1 3. Option #3
  11. First teaser for my Alabama Gubernatorial 2018 scenario! Finished adding the Republican candidates, 9 of them to choose from!


    1. Reagan04
    2. ThePotatoWalrus


      Dang. Not a resident of Alabama, but it looks fun. I'll probably test it out.

  12. Results after finishing the Arizona Senate 2016 general election. Strong win for Kelli :D


  13. I am working on a Arizona- Senate 2016 scenario for ALL President Infinity owners. It will feature 3 parties to pick from. Eight candidates overall (more possibly to come). Over 15 endorsers and much more!  If you would like to get a copy, send me a private message with your email address. Link for more info:


  14. She still has a very passionate, strong following among many. I still see Super Pacs and Pro-Palin groups that pushed her to join the race. They are still around, and I have no doubt that if she decides to run, she would take the arena by storm. She has guts, is charismatic and has executive experience that most do not either know about, or do not care about. She has helped many win offices around the country, and I have no doubt that those people would not endorse her. Maybe even praise her at the very least. If not Palin, I see Bachmann running again. I anyways, and I know many people w
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