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  1. If you're still sending it out russbright@live.com please!
  2. I emailed out a new batch for everyone that request it. I'd love some feedback, negative or positive.
  3. Oops im sorry guys i completely forgot i posted this haha, ill get to emailing it out now!
  4. I have been working for a while on a sceneario in which Canada joins America in 2017 and then the following election in 2020. While I understand this would be impossible I still based on it on a 'what if' scenario and the situations they would run into. I just am just about complete and would love feedback/help constructing it any way you think it needs it. I based on the layout on Romey 2020 so thank you for whoever wrote that.' Anybody interested I could email a copy or perhaps somebody knows a site I can put it so people can download it?
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