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  1. send it to hamish.wright@hotmail.com
  2. Use Chancellor Forever, has a proportional list system
  3. Would really like one. send it to hamish.wright@hotmail.com
  4. You should use Chancellor Forever, it has MMP which is similar.
  5. Me as well hamish.wright@hotmail.com
  6. Ok, could you send it to hamish.wright@hotmail.com - Thanks and I saw your post on the German sub-forum its just that everyone is caught up in the Eu elections and are really anxious to try it out
  7. Does anyone have EU 2015 and UK 2015 ??
  8. Its ok i worked it out however if you could send me the scenario that would be fantastic and another update i will probably be finished within a week
  9. Update, i started working on the scenario yesterday, im going to make it for President Forever 2008 plus Primaries because its alot easier, thanks for the sugestions everybody i will definetly include those into the scenario, agian if someone could make a map or something that would be fantastic
  10. Oh and BTW im running PMForever on my mac so if i choose to do it on my mac then it might take a tiny bit longer
  11. Thanks for the Response ProgressiveMicheal and yes i am going to make this it might take a few months though, the only problem im going to have is making the map and its variables but other than that . and Thanks for you sugestions on the Parties i will definietly do that
  12. It wouldnt be divided into countrys, it would be divided into conitnents
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