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  1. I like to make an adjustment to the in game music too. I think this adds a little something to it... BBC Election theme Move that file into C:\Program Files\Prime Minister Forever - British 2010\sounds or C:\Program Files (x86)\Prime Minister Forever - British 2010\sounds if you're using 64 bit Windows. And replace the drum_roll_heavy.wav file with that one. The Election night theme will now play in the start menu.
  2. Unfortunately I have just not had the time to do anything with this in a very long time so here is my very unfinished scenario but if somebody wants to pick it up and carry on with it, feel free. I have uploaded the scenario in a zip folder Here There is a text file with my notes on what I had done so far. One major bug comes from me trying to alter the times that results come in, I tried to make it more realistic with polls closing at 10 and results coming in from 11pm and arriving through the night and into the morning. This seems to have thrown the declarations out and the results will co
  3. A few people got it, but I have started to do a few more bits so I'll try to upload the scenario to some file hosting website later next week.
  4. I just had a thought regarding crusaders. Lets face it, politics are becoming more of a popularity contest than ever and during the run up to each election we always see the appearances of celebrity backers so perhaps instead of having other party members making up the crusaders, how about celebrity party backers? So Labour would have Eddie Izzard, Alex Ferguson, JK Rowling and so on and the Torys would have Jim Davidson, Cilla Black and other undesirables.
  5. If you would like to help out, or anyone else for that matter that would be great! and much appreciated. It would be best if we could get a few people involved actually because it's good to get that mixture of opinions and ideas. Thanks for that!
  6. Sent to all of you! I'm off work this week so I should be able to get on with a bit more... hopefully. I think in the version I just sent out it includes (mostly) updated candidate pictures... I think that's about the only change I've made recently.
  7. Sent! I haven't done anything with the scenario for the past week, I just haven't had the time, hopefully I'll get back onto it this weekend.
  8. I'm not quite sure how to actually edit the electoral trends file. The notes inside the file make no sense to me.
  9. If you'd like to help, that would be great! Though with David Miliband leaving politics I don't think he would be an option and neither would Gordon Brown. William Hague as a Tory candidate? His charisma would need to be set to 1 as he has an awfully dreary voice Thank you.
  10. I'm not so sure the UKIP swing would be as high as Labour (though I may be saying that with a little bias as well) but I'll put those numbers in an give it a go. Thanks! Sent!
  11. Sent! Not part of the scenario but for fun I've replaced the drum roll starting music with the BBC Election Night theme. I think it just adds something to it
  12. I'm not quite sure what to do with the ConDem coalition, whether to unify them as one party for this scenario or leave them separate. I did mark both as the incumbent party and that hasn't caused the game to break so it seems to work in a way. I've also added internet campaigning as an ad type as more and more we see the use of Twitter and YouTube and whatever else. I've made it cheaper and more effective than leaflet campaigning on the basis that there is no printing and distribution involved and it can reach a wider audience.
  13. It has made things interesting but I do think that once Labour and The Conservatives review their immigration policies and hopefully bring in something that works, they can tackle the problems of immigration without resorting to discrimination and xenophobia, once they do that I think the UKIP craze will die down again, they are just a one-dimensional anti-EU party. Do they have any other policies? Which makes it hard to work out which way things might swing in 2015 as it is still too hard to call. A Labour victory would be nice
  14. I've started work on a 2015 scenario and just gave it a run through. The Torys were being beaten all over the country by the Lib Dems, it was just between Labour and the Lib Dems going into the Election when out of nowhere the Torys came first, Labour second and Lib Dems third. Torys didn't have enough seats to form a majority government so they formed a government with... The Ulster Unionist Party! Very strange, needs more work I think...
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