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  1. I have it. Now how do I reduce it to a state with the counties in it???
  2. drewpritt@gmail.com Also, I think if a very LIBERAL Hubert H. Humphrey was elected, you need a few more conservatives. Not all subscribed to George Wallace and his overt racial politics. Sam Yorty of Los Angeles is definitely one LAW & ORDER Democrat. You might also want to see a "Mayor" Louise Day Hicks, ex-U.S. Congresswoman, who is conservative and a Democrat. Sort of like a Democratic Michelle Bachmann. Sam Yorty Leadership: 3 Integrity: 3 Experience: 4 Issue Knowledge: 4 Debating Skill: 5 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 4 Louise Day Hicks Leadership: 4 Integrity: 2 Experience: 3 Issue Kno
  3. I want to create state scenarios like for Arkansas, Alaska, West Virginia, etc. HOW DO I DO THAT??? Like how do I get the map of the state with the counties loaded and create, etc?? Thanks!
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