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  1. Thanks Alfonzo. Q. How many speakers has this parliament had? A. Too many! And yes please with updates to PM4E13! I want to knock off the Nats in Riverina with Katters Mad Hatter Party (I'll show you McCormack grrrrrrr)
  2. "Opinion polling shows a narrowing gap, with Labor closing what looked like an electoral wipe-out." I retract that statement with the latest Newspoll. An up to 20 seat loss is on the cards. I hope Mike Kelly kept his Army Commission...
  3. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced that a general election (full house, half senate) will be held in Australia on 14 Sept. (Yom Kippur). The scenario is 75 of 150 House of Reps seats needed for a majority. The PM's centre-left Australian Labor Party currently governs with 71 seats (+ one Labor independant, two rural independants, one Green, one Tasmanian independant and a renegade Queensland Liberal). The centre-right Liberal-National coalition, led by Tony Abbott, has 73 (including a Western Australian National). Australians are set to endure an unusually long six month election c
  4. Won WI's 13 EVCs as Debs with 38%. 3.3% nationally. Wilson won only 7 ECVs. Debs therefore finished 'second' to Taft in 1912. !
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