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  1. It isn't a big deal of course, but it's fun to debate.
  2. Since when have terrorist attacks been bad for politicians? Bush's approval rating sky rocketed after 9/11. They also went up every time the "terror levels" were raised. There's just no reason to lie about whether an incident was a terrorist attack or not. And they'd know the truth would become obvious soon enough anyway, so purposely saying it wasn't a terrorist attack when you know it was would be incredibly stupid. It was a misunderstanding, that was corrected. And if a Republican was in the Oval Office when this happened none of the talking heads on the right wing would be making a b
  3. Fox News is the only place where that is considered a major scandal. The White House reported what they were told, then when told something different reported that ... there's no real scandal there. It's a manufactured one. I totally agree with mahaadoxyz here. Obama has much more minor scandals than most politicians. I also think Obama is only a 3 at debating. It's just that Romney and McCain are also 3s at debating, and Obama has more charisma, so it stands to reason that he'd win the majority of those debates. Put him in a debate against Bill Clinton in his prime for example, and I t
  4. I think Lincoln is clearly the best President we've had. Clinton is probably my favorite though. And wow ... there were some real scumbags posting on here back in the day. I guess being a bigot is a-okay as long as you aim your prejudice at gay people. And these folks think they're the moral ones. What a joke ...
  5. I'm nitpicking here, but I'd give Obama a 4 in Integrity. The Republicans have to make up scandals on him, like the whole birth certificate issue, cause he's so squeaky clean. I'd be more likely to give him a 3 in Leadership or Experience than Integrity. Although I assume a 2017 version of Obama would have a 4 in both.
  6. somehow I feel that Romney will not be going down as one of the greatest Presidents of all time.
  7. Can someone please email me this scenario at luckbox360 at yahoo.com?
  8. I'd like both of these as well. email - luckbox360 at yahoo.com Thanks!
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