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  1. I think it's because a number of primaries are held after the RNC date
  2. that was a serious point. The Republican Convention does not happen in the scenario.
  3. y'all forgot to put in the Republican National Convention!
  4. It sounds like that since the summer Ted Cruz had been planning to run in 2020 whether Trump won or not. Would not remotely surprise me to throw his hat into the ring, and early, possibly pre-2018 midterms.
  5. awesome!!! I would be happy to help out with events for other updates, btw
  6. I enjoy the scenario a lot and really appreciate where it's coming from, but I just do have a comment or two about the events. I feel there's too many and it hurts the realism of the sim. All of the stuff that happens wouldn't probably even happen over the course of four years, let alone like three months. Otherwise, the scenario is great!
  7. Is anyone interested in doing a President Trump 2020 scenario? Would be interested in helping out.
  8. I played that game a few times. It was great conceptually but was buggy to the point of ultimately being unplayable.
  9. there needs to be a none of the above option for the policies section. It doesn't let you vote if you don't choose anything
  10. yeah can this be found anywhere specific?
  11. lol could you imagine if OMalley actually endorsed Cruz?
  12. Christie 10 Trump 8 Bush 5 Kasich 5 Cruz 4 Carson 2 Rubio -3
  13. I am trying to download from a 270soft download email, but the university apparently thinks its malware
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