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  1. One more thing, to promote realism: maybe in addition to command points, you could make cabinet seats an option for the largest party to offer. Like, maybe if you win the election, you have three or four cabinet seats available to hand out to smaller parties that are each worth x command points, and they're worth points for the final score of whichever party has them at the end of the game (like if you're the Lib Dems in PM4E, you get a 20 point boost to your final score if you get Cameron to give you one; or if you're Cameron, you get 60 extra points if you get Clegg to agree to a coalition w
  2. Whenever I wind up with a hung parliament, coalition negotiations are always completely hopeless. The "chance of acceptance" of any of my offers to other party leaders always starts off at -100%, even when the parties concerned would have strong incentive to cooperate in real life. I'm not totally sure what factors that chance of acceptance is based upon, but I suspect the relations between the parties is the main one (I usually run negative campaigns!). I would like to suggest making that less of a decisive factor. In real life, parties like the NDP and the Liberals in Canada will be open to
  3. Looks really awesome! I've been waiting for such a scenario for a while. Thanks for making it! Could I have a copy, please? spinner1701@gmail.com Thanks!
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