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  1. Apologies if this has been covered already, i had quick scan through the forums, but couldn't see anything. i was wondering if there was any plans to expand the recently released Florida Senatorial campaign to involve a primary campaign? i have always wanted more state based races (and official ones as i find a number of the user based ones don't worry terribly well), but always enjoy planning the long game through the primaries, developing my candidate to a place i am happy with and coming into the election read y to go, rather than trying to catch up during the short campaign. obv
  2. is there a possibility of creating user defined lists, particularly for use with ad running? the reason i find quite a lot of my time in the game is taken up starting ads (for example, i constantly run at least one add all the time in every state with 6 or less electoral votes, and the equivalent in the primaries). this amounts to almost half the states however, and the constant clicking gets a bit repetitive. There already is the option to run in targeted states, however i use targeting for big, important states, not small cheap ones. One user defined list (as a minimum, more would be grea
  3. that is great to know and i will eagerly await developments
  4. i know it was not everyone's cup of tea, but i absolutely loved the weekly turns during the primaries in the 08 version. i felt it became far easier and quicker to find out of an insurgent campaign was going to come off (quick endorsers, momentum and first primaries) and therefore allowed me to bail if things did not go well. now, i have to invest a long amount of game time till 4 or so primaries are gone and especially during the primaries, i am just repeating the same set of actions over and over again (targeting, endorsers, debate, knowledge and building campaign). i was wondering if the
  5. Tayya thanks for getting back to me and i look forward to the next version, there is certainly a solid scenario here on the targeting, polling etc, i understand how difficult this can be to get right, especially when no one has created a scenario like this. one idea i had for scaling the costs would be to have the same (or similar where there is a reason) ratio as in the main game. for example, in the main game, both parties start with funds somewhere in the region of $80 million targeting is $1k per region per turn, so roughly 0.001% of your total starting money. You start with $100k i
  6. Have now played though for the first time and enjoyed the scenario. A couple of points to think about: 1. it would be helpful to look at money in the scenario and (if possible) re-jig the costs of some of the actions. For context, i used my veep to fund raise almost every turn, as well as ECBs two main surrogates for each of their 25 turns (x 3 i think). I also did some fundraising with my candidate at times. I received the backing of most of the endorsers (maybe $250k total?). I raised a total of just over $4 million in the primaries and general and spent it all. I think the ad runnin
  7. thanks for the clarification i think this would be very helpful for ongoing play-ability of the game as many of the user created scenarios from 2008 would have benefited from this
  8. Just downloaded and will be interested to see how it plays. initial first impressions (very quick): 1. could the electoral votes in the general election not be done by PR rather than winner takes all. Something that has always irked me about these types of scenarios (governors, senate, house etc) is that the general election is in no way representative of the actual election. PR in the general would mean that people would have to campaign everywhere (not just in large voting parts parts) and i feel you could make it far more realistic (is there a limit on overal EV's, or could the EVs match
  9. Was wondering if anyone had played through the 1912 scenario? i have played it and found it to have one MAJOR problem at least. The Adverts you can run are both far too cheap, $311 or so dollars for the entire!!!!! counrty per turn, and far too powerful. Considering that it is easy to fundraise into the millions, i could easily run almost unlimited adverts if i wanted (the only constraint being actually making them) and anyone who has played the game will see the issue of lots of cheap, powerful adverts. Using 3 adverts every turn for me, I had almost constant positive momentum of over 15 a
  10. as far as i know, you will have to pay for the new game. this is not an update, but a new game. I have bought it, so glad i did after a few early teething problems. cant wait for extra scenarios as well
  11. Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone is planning on creating extra scenarios for p4e12. i loved playing the user created ones in 08 and thought it was a great bonus for the game that people do this. I have not seen any chat about this yet, so was wondering if anyone was planning any? Also, does anyone know if the p4e08 scenarios can be easily changed to work on 12, or are there amjor changes beyond the interface? thanks Alex
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