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  1. I'm having some issues with the bank. I live in Bosnia, and it appears they are having problems doing business with JPMorgan... So, no, i don't have the game yet. I'm expecting it to be resolved by the end of next week or so.
  2. I'd also like to make a few more points if i may. 1.) Ads. They should seriously be more specific, and expanded. For example, if you're attacking a candidate,other than attacking him on the issues, you should also be able to pick from the scandals and gaffes he's been involved in. When making an ad for yourself, then you get to pick whether you speak in the ad, or it's a compilation of your voting/stance record on the issue. 2.) The Conventions. If there are other candidates involved that haven't dropped out yet, you make deals with them during the Convention. Basically, a more interactive o
  3. I also suggest you put The Federal Reserve as an issue, as the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party has already made it an issue - it will probably only intensify by 2020
  4. Thanks, this really helped ! Just ordered, on my way to the bank now... Thank you again !
  5. I'd suggest you do the Russian election game, could be quite fun, considering how big of a map that'd be, you add in a couple of improvements and voila ! One thing i'd suggest for ALL future projects would be an interactive debate, you get the question, and get 5-10 answers you can pick from, divide it into emotions such as passionate, angry, calm, cautious etc., and you can pick to either attack your opponent or talk about your own position. Now that, would add a lot to the game in my opinion, and make it that much more fun to play.
  6. Yeah i'm interested. Is there a 2000 scenario anywhere ? I just can't seem to find it, and i'd be highly interested in playing it.
  7. I think you should put Jesse Ventura as an independent. It's very likely that he will run.
  8. Firstly, i don't own a credit card. Therefore i can't order the game. Tried via PayPal, turns out though, that PayPal wants a credit card too. So, i'm just wondering, is there any way to order the game without the credit card ? I'm talking about P4E12 btw. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance guys !
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