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    I did the same, only for kicks, I ran general election of Obama/Biden v. Bachman/Ayotte. At General Election date, I was only at 47% in Utah, while Bachman was at 12%, with undecided 41%. After election, I picked up 30% of the undecided, given my advantage over Bachman was 77 to 23. I chalk that upto either a bug, or rather, people don't like their party's candidate and vote lesser of two evils at polls.
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    As I did not see a topic on bugs, I believed maybe it was not to be found. I started this, with best of intentions. My current is resides in the PIP aspect to 1.24 of President Forever 2012. I have several potential endorsers at 95. I attempt to influence them over the 95 threshold, however, my pips go down, their influence remains the same. However, when I initially begin a new game, just for giggles, I attempted to influence Trump with Obama. In doing so, I raised him to 25 where I was unable to raise him anymore. When I removed my pips (i.e. attempting to cancel out my influence) he
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