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  1. Thanks, CE2. I found something that should work from the page you recommended -- a scenario with more third-parties, no less! Sweet! Yeah, the Bloomberg drop was completely insane. I have no idea what happened there. Thanks again!
  2. Apologies if this question has been asked before but... I've just downloaded the most recent update for President Infinity (version 2.2.5) and, as the subject header indicates, i don't see Lincoln Chafee listed among the Democrats and don't see Bloomberg listed as an independent. Have i done something wrong? Is there any way to create these candidates/parties? Any alternate scenarios i might download...? Any help is appreciated ... thanks!
  3. Can i please get a copy of this? I'd love to see what that Brooklyn Nets guy might do...my email is os_davis@yahoo.com ...
  4. I have the same question as Tom Filurin ... is this still in process?
  5. Well, if anyone can come to the rescue, i'd love any CSA scenario as well. Email is os_davis@yahoo.com ...
  6. Yes, i'd love a copy of this, too. Please send (if it exists) to os_davis@yahoo.com...?
  7. Got it, Patine. Thank you very much, sir! (Now to disappear for about a week and plug myself in to this thing... )
  8. Ever since i first heard of President Forever, i've wanted to play Debs. Can you send me a copy of this scenario, even in beta-test version if you'd like ... the email address is os_davis@yahoo.com ... Thanks a million!
  9. Yes, i'd like the answer to this one, too. I thought i'd created a good 1824 scenario (based on the version posted here). It worked perfectly until Election Day and then this message...
  10. Once again, i'm jumping on the bandwagon. I love all alternate-universe scenarios! My email address is os_davis@yahoo.com ...
  11. Antonio, can you send me those scenarios as well? The email address is os_davis@yahoo.com ... thanks!
  12. Seeing as how just two days ago, i got the "Duke of Mass" to tromp King George I in 1988, i would love to get this scenario. Please send to os_davis@yahoo.com. I'd agree with these comments: No way George Sr. runs again after a shameful defeat; Cheney may be a bit too unknown, but with his influence would definitely be considered as a veep; Schwarzkopf, i'm not sure about (would he really be able to leave military service between the Gulf War and the start of the campaign); John McCain is too embroiled in Keating still to run in this scenario; the rest of the GOP candidates mentioned here see
  13. Awesome! Thank you, Patine! My email address is os_davis@yahoo.com and i'll certainly send whatever feedback you want on finished scenarios. I'll even be a guinea pig for beta versions, if you want.
  14. Please put me on the list for any beta testing of this scenario and whatnot ... it sounds fantastic! The only two cents i'd through in is that i'd propose you run with 16 regions: each of the top ten most populous nations (with Canada and the US one unit; as South Park says "It's not a real country anyway." ), plus the six continents comprised of all the other nations with electoral vote totals proportionate. But maybe you've already figured this aspect of the game out...
  15. Yes, please, i'd love the runners-up game, too; i've been following this thread. I will give all due respect, worship and love to you and mahaadoxyz forever if you send these scenarios. And thanks for the speedy reply to my appeal!
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