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  1. well since not me what you want to spend forever 2009 chancellor, tell me how you can create a scenario for canada 2008; on the general elections in Spain in 1979; explain me that program I use and all that, the information on the stage already I the is memory as Spanish I am
  2. el codigo de seguridad no sirve para nada ; le pones cualquier numero y te sirve igual
  3. because I know people who did free; In addition to already pay the game related to canada
  4. because if not I thing you want pass, tell me a site where I can get free
  5. Please that someone send me to my mail mallodavid88@gmail.com
  6. send them to me at mallodavid88@gmail.com please
  7. If I am referring to the game on elections in Germany, chancellor forever 2009; You can pass me my email is mallodavid88@gmail.com please
  8. It is a matter of urgency, I love the game and can not find those who know something that I write
  9. is a good scenario, send them to me at mallodavid88@gmail.com Thank you
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