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  1. I'm planning on getting PE 2012 and will indeed be re-doing it. Depending on my free time, I might make all kinds of scenarios: Skyrim, Dragon Age, some of the Final Fantasy worlds, alternate history non-monarchy medieval European superstates, all kinds of things. (I'm a big Civilization fan, might even make scenarios based on some of my Civ4 & Civ5 playthroughs, which I usually document down to the last detail, just for fun.) One I'd really like to do is a "video game election" with Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and the "PC master race" as the parties, with game characters as the candidate
  2. Thanks. I tried my best to make it interesting and random. A lot of events have 50/50 outcomes that are supposed to sway the elections either right or left, but I don't think I did them right. The New Blades and Invisibles were put it to "bother" the two main parties, as only the Republicans or Progressives are meant to win. I've spacebarred the scenario about 100 times and I've had a pretty decent distribution of final candidates, which is what I was hoping for. If the scenario constructor for PE 2012 is as good as the one for PE '08, I'll try and make a better version.
  3. I don't know if anyone else here likes WRPGs but if you do, I made a scenario based on the Elder Scrolls, taking place 40 years after TES4: Oblivion ends. I put a lot of effort into it, but I'm not very satisfied with the results. Something just seems off, probably because I don't understand all the %s for a realistic scenario. But if by any chance anyone wants to try it, you can get it at: http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/80248066/file.html The DL link is the orange one on the right of the page.
  4. Thank you, Patine. That solved the Access Violation error. It's still not saving the bonuses correctly though, but I have managed to get them to save if I do them one at a time and then switch to a different endorser. Though sometimes I have to do it several times before the bonus saves correctly. But that's not a problem, I can deal with that. Thanks again though.
  5. I'm trying to make a scenario for PE 2008 + Primaries using Campaigns Forever. I've had no issues with any steps except steps 6 and 7. Whenever I try to create an event in step 6 (create events), nothing saves when I exit. All it says is "New Event" and everything is reset. Also, whenever I try to create an endorser in step 7 (create endorsers), I can create new endorsers and everything saves except for their momentum bonus, footsoldier bonus, and footsoldier chance, which all reset to 0. Also, whenever I switch between endorsers, I get the error message: "Access violation at address 00420
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